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Owens speak to the press

Wednesday is the day Terrell Owens speaks to the media in Dallas, and so he did today. And for all the loaded questions he was asked and attemtps to capture that one controversial soundbite, the press came away with nothing. Terrell answered their questions but gave up no bulletin board material or anything worthy of replaying on ESPN 1,456,672 times. You can give it a listen for yourself, here.

The one thing he said that got the press a little perked up was when he said McNabb was in better shape this year and he's moving around on the field pretty well. The media immediately followed up by asking Owens if McNabb was not in shape last year, but Owens cooly said that wasn't the case but that is was obvious he had slimmed down some this year. (And for the record, it is obvious that McNabb is slimmer this year.)

The Eagles aren't following into the Owens trap, they'd rather talk about another Dallas WR who toasted them last year.

"Everyone's going to talk about T.O. all week," [Sheldon] Brown, the Eagles cornerback, said. "The bottom line is, Terry Glenn is a stud. He is no pushover."

Right you are Sheldon. But it doesn't stop there, the Dallas offense is a force this year, and Sheldon knows it.

"You have to understand. (Tight end) Jason Witten is a stud. Julius Jones, the running back, is a stud. If we don't game-plan for the whole team, it does us no good. This is a team coming here, a good football team, not one guy."

I think Any Reid's message filtered down to the troops. This game isn't about Owens returning to Philly, it's about the Cowboys and Eagles fighting for supremacy in the NFC East. Oh yeah, it's also about the other guy.

"Of course, you can't say enough about the other guy. He's been a thorn in our back. And I do know his name: Terry Glenn."

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