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Parcells press conference 10/5/06

Everybody practiced.

Gurode looked OK. Took his regular reps. I think he's playing unless something unforseen happens. We might dress 8 on the line, but his cuts have healed up pretty good. Procter would be the 8th because he's been working at center.

Vandy did alright on kickoffs today. I don't know what I'm going to do, it's a week-to-week thing. If Vandy kicks, I know what I'm getting, same with Suisham. It's a question of if something else needs attention. When dressing only 19 offensive players something could happen during the game.

An extra guy (if you take only one kicker) could give you a reasonable contingency if something bad happens. In the 1st week we only dressed Fasano and Witten at TE, if something would've happened to one of them, then we are limited on offense.

If I take one kicker, it would be Vandy. When we signed him I knew this could be an issue.

The team has a different makeup this year, so far we've protected Bledsoe pretty well. This will be a good test.

The Philly defense has given up some plays this year, but in the Giants game, the Giants were in their 2 minute offense the whole 2nd half. In the first half, Philly got after the QB.

I think they've got a good offense and will give any defense trouble. Good skill players, good QB, and better offensive line this year. Last year they had injuries in the backfield, they had to be careful with Westbrook, so they passed more. Now with Buckhalter, they have a change up, they can give carries to both players.

I think Westbrook will play this week.

Trotter is a good MLB, big guy, looks like he's 255-260 lbs. A powerful downhill player, a leader, good hitter, he's had a good career. I'd like to have a guy like him.

They don't ask Trotter to cover much, only the short middle of the field in zones, not really much in man-to-man coverage. The NFL has a new breed of LB, like Bulluck from last week, more of a cover guy, can run well laterally. Trotter's more of a downhill player, he makes it hard to run inside.

L.J. Smith has developed into a good player. This division has good TE's in it, across the board. Smith was a former basketball player, a linear guy, reminds me of Ben Coates. Shockey, Cooley, we have a pretty good group of TE's in one division. The Eagles also have Schobel, he's a pass receiving guy, they use two TE's some.

Washington didn't blitz as much as usual this year. We work diligently on the blitz in practice. We have some audibles, kill plays, various number of things we can do against the blitz. We haven't devoted more blitz time in practice than we did for Washington, but we practiced it more than we did for the Jax game, who is more of a coverage team.

I think you have to be careful of where you go in the pocket against McNabb. He creates some time in the pocket, he's not running as much as usual, but he moves around to create time. You have to make sure you're in your lane and not out of position. You can't be behind the QB, that's the worse positon to be in football.

The team has practiced hard this week, practiced diligently, they need to start to get their rest tonight. This division is going to be nip and tuck the whole way.

Marco Rivera is doing fine. Most of the guys up front are doing fine.

#83, [Greg] Lewis, he looks pretty good to me, [Reggie] Brown, we know him a little bit, don't know if Stallworth will play, but we know about him, too. You don't score 30 points a game without having some weapons.

Winning on the road, in the divison, would help the teams confidence.

You don't want to give a team that scores 30 points field position. With the kicker they got, they only need a few first downs to score.

Didn't watch the Owens interview yesterday. I've got other things on my mind than watching your "network". (Speaking to Ed Werder about ESPN). I'll watch games on ESPN. But that's about it.

Watched some of the Marshall/Central Florida game last night.

I don't know Andy Reid well, but I respect him. Philly has been a big rival for me over the years. I like Andy personally.

(Asked about the atmosphere in Philly, how it affects him) Bill Walsh said you try to take yourself out of the game and look down at it from above, if you can mentally get yourself in that state, instead of paying attention to the peripheral stuff going around, that's what you want to do. Keep your concentration and you can make better decsions.

I like the Philly fans, I grew up around those kinds of fan. That's not unusual for me. I've coached in those venues my whole career. It's what makes the NFL interesting. It's good. There's a lot of satisfying things about getting a win in that kind of situation. I expect our fans to be good when we are here.

The connection on cut off for me at this point, so I don't know what else was said. Sorry.

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