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Parcells press conference 10/6/06

Gurode looked fine, he should be ready to go.

This will be a good test for our defense because this team is moving the ball against everybody. They've got some weapons but I think the big thing is that they've improved their offensive line. Their QB is on top of his game and is playing well.

I haven't noticed a big difference in the build-up to this game compared with other weeks. I know there's some sentiment centered around one issue but other than that is been pretty much normal.

The only reason the team is staying outside of the city is because the city was sold out. We would've stayed in the city if we could've gotten the right hotel accommodations.

They (Philly) changed their center and their left guard and the development of Andrews has been big for them, he's one of the better offensive linemen in football now. They have two veteran tackles. They are looking to the future because they drafted Winston Justice.

Crayton and Newman will probably be the punt returners on Sunday. It will be situational as to who returns on each kick.

I'm taking both kickers on the trip, I don't know if I'll play both, but they both will make the trip.

I think Bobby Carpenter will be active. I want to try and get him involved if I can. I think you might see him some on the nickel this week.

I haven't noticed and thing different with Terrell this week.

I see a young player (Bobby Carpenter) who needs to get a foothold on what's going on. A young developing player who has ability. We'll find out Sunday how he looks on special teams. At some point in time I think this kid will be a good player. Right now, we're trying to get him involved. It's too early to say anything like he's been disappointing. You can't make a sound judgment on players until they've been in the league a couple of years. When I draft a player in the first round I'm looking for a player who will be a good player for the franchise at some point in time. When I've done it that way it's worked better than just trying to force a guy in and it doesn't always work.

I would like to see our defensive linemen not get backed 5 yards in the early part of the game. (Sarcastic reference to the Tenn. game). Several of them got knocked back last week, only one of them didn't. (no names given, but I know one who was knocked back was Marcus Spears).

BP spent the last minutes of the press conference giving Ed Werder more grief about ESPN's Terrell stories and told them to do something original for once.

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