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Lenny P. nails it

I've read quite a few articles this morning about that ugly loss last night. Some of them are OK, some of them are ridiculous as they focus on the "T.O. angle" instead of the football game. None of them captured the essence of what happened last night like this Len Pasquarelli article. I've posted some excerpts below, but do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.

It is termed, rather fittingly, "Tex-11" in the Philadelphia Eagles' voluminous defensive playbook, one of the jillion or so Byzantine blitzes that coordinator Jim Johnson has conjured up over his long NFL career.

And one that he dialed up time after time here Sunday afternoon to send a certain Texas 11 limping out of Lincoln Financial Field with a big knot on its collective noggin.


And the extensive utilization of the inside blitz, in which middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter walks up to the line of scrimmage and challenges the pocket from the inside, allowed the Eagles to drop a ton of bricks on the head of embattled Cowboys' quarterback Drew Bledsoe.


Dallas had 14 offensive possessions and only two of the series didn't include at least one negative play.


But the bigger key was the extensive use of the "Tex 11" blitz, because it forced the Dallas offensive line, and in particular left guard Kyle Kosier, to make some pass protection decisions. In too many instances, especially plays on which Walker was running an inside "twist" or stunting with an end, Kosier and left tackle Flozell Adams took the wrong options.

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