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Parcells press conference 10/9/06

No serious injuries.

Last night was a testament to the fact you can't do certain things and win. We gave up three big plays on defense that basically made their 3 TD's, we had a special teams turnover and two offensive turnovers. We ran more plays, had more running yards, we had a chance to tie the game at the end, but the play was covered and we threw an INT. I've looked at the game carefully on film.

The INT at the end was covered. It's a play we always run, and there was no place to go with the ball, we should've thrown it away. It's not an option route, Witten ran the route and it was covered. Terry might've opened up if we held the ball but it was a longshot.

A lot of the pressure we got was due to some mental errors on protection. They've run the same blitzes for year years and we had prepared for it. We had communication problems and several mental errors where the guy just ran through and tackled the QB and the inside player on the rush should never be allowed to do that.

Bledsoe was under duress last night, the easy sacks were the result of mental errors.

Gurode was solid, it wasn't bad calls from him. It was recognition problems.

At this moment I'm not thinking about changing QB's. I don't think changing QB's is the answer right this minute.

We had a lot of good things that were offset by more than 1 or 2 negative plays. A lot of the things that were doing weren't a factor because we gave plays away.

The LJ Smith pass wasn't Roy Williams fault. (ed note - I guess I got that one wrong, but he didn't say whose fault it was).

I don't know anything about T.O.'s comments after the game. We had trouble getting him involved early; they took him out of the game. They had two guys on him pretty regularly. I didn't notice him chirping on the sidelines.

I think there are some things he's still trying to gain an understanding of in our offense in respect to the routes. I don't comment on player's efforts, I won't talk about that stuff here.

Watkins needs to get it going. We have an exemption for Coleman coming back this week. I'm hopeful he will come in and help. Don't know about starting Keith Davis yet. Watkins had a few more mistakes than I would've expected last night. He has a tendency to not to see the ball in the air and jump the receivers first move. You have to see the ball thrown first.

We should have been in good shape on the flea-flicker but we didn't make the play. We weren't really fooled.

There's 12 weeks to go, we can't dwell on this. The team we're playing this week had two weeks to prepare for us. They are coming off a win.

I think we can protect Drew. We had some communication problems last night.

There was one guy who didn't block on the empty sets, it's a recognition problem, everybody blocked but one person.

2 of Drew's sacks were from coverage, he could've thrown the ball away, but we turned guys loose 3 or 4 times giving him no shot. On film you see a guy coming full-speed and Bledsoe's not even finished his drop yet, he can't even get in his stance. His arm was hit on the first INT.

We did have one play where we could have elected to run JJ at the end or audible to a pass, but you risk the clock expiring if you run it. If you run on 2nd down then you have to clock it on 3rd down.

We talked about celebration penalties in camp, I talked to him about that. I didn't see it and it wasn't on the film. But the second guy that comes in to celebrate, they will call that.

Last night it was one player on defense. That's unfortunate.

We had a couple of problems on the offensive line. 2 or 3 guys played pretty strong last night. Those things we did last night were a surprise. We had a lot of mental mistakes and it has nothing to do with the complexity of the blitzes. The majority of problems were centered on the offensive line. We had a back make a couple of mistakes, also.

The environment had nothing to do with it, you're looking right at the guys, they are right in front of you. They only have 11 guys on the field.

It centered around 1 or 2 guys on the line, it was the same problem over and over.

We have to make protecting the football our number 1 priority. We're scoring points, we're running, moving the ball, converting 3rd downs. We won't be any good until we protect the ball.

The turnovers and big plays are what mean something, not the stats. We gave up big plays, gave it up on our own 12-yard line. They were only 2 for 12 on 3rd down conversions.

Kicking situation not clear yet. Suisham didn't do what we hoped last night.

Carpenter worked outside and inside this week. I needed him in both spots.

Julius ran pretty well.

Our front seven on defense was average across the board. They (Philly) didn't run the ball well on us. But we needed more pressure, they missed on that big play (Ellis missing the sack on the 87-yard TD).

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