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Excellent YouTube video

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This video of the Panthers game comes from everlastingxxx via YouTube. It's excellent, nice choice of music to compliment what's happening on screen, and it has a beginning, middle and end. Good stuff. Plus, you get to look at a lot of the good plays (and bad).

I still love the play Romo makes when he avoids the rush and fires a bullet to Witten deep in Panthers' territory. Check it out at the 2:37 mark. At the 3:14 mark watch Gurode and Kosier blow a huge hole in the line for JJ's TD, check out Kosier's double-block. Then Romo follows up with the 2-pt. conversion. At 4:13, Gurode gets abused, but MB3 spins out of the play, goes backside and runs over Gamble for a TD. That's good, clean family fun.