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Parcells on Owens: "I think there's a possibility it can work, but I'm not sure it will"

Babe Laufenberg was interviewing Bill Parcells for the Cowboys Huddle and Parcells discussed his feelings about Terrell Owens a little more than I've heard him do in previous press conferences. The conversation went like this:

Laufenberg: You got a penalty in last week's game that was one your team could avoid (clip of Owens' TD celebration penalty is played). It seems like you're trying to avoid a confrontation with that player, that given his history at two other teams, you're giving him a wider berth.

Parcells: No, that's not it, but I am trying to make it work, I'm doing my very best to make it work. I told him on Sunday that I wasn't going to let him hurt the team, that we didn't need anymore of that. I am trying to make it work and we'll see where it goes from here. I think there's a possibility it can work, but I'm not sure it will.

That's about as much as Parcells has said on the Owens subject and how it's working between him and the player all year. Parcells didn't sound mad or particularly agitated when answering the question. He sounded pretty matter-of-fact on the situation. It was an interesting comment though.

Roy Williams finally spoke to the media again, but he didn't want to talk about the mistakes made in the Washington game.

But he didn't want to talk about the game. He remains sensitive to his mistakes and the secondary breakdowns.

"We are not talking about it," Williams said.

"What happened is what happened. That is in the past. We have to move forward. We are not going to be talking about the previous games we lost and how we lost them."

The Cowboys safeties have allowed seven touchdowns in eight games and will be tested again this week by Arizona. Receivers Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald are one of the best tandems in the league.

Williams was at the center of two critical plays against the Redskins. He was flagged for a 48-yard penalty on a pass interference against Redskins receiver Brandon Lloyd, setting up the Redskins' touchdown that helped make it 19-19 early in the fourth quarter.

Williams also had a possible interception go through his hands and hit him in the helmet in the fourth quarter.

Roy remains a bit sensitive all these days later, maybe that will translate into some excellent play by him on Sunday.

Here's everything you wanted to know - or didn't want to know - about Parcells and the 2-pt. conversion; with a chart, charting Parcells' use of the chart.