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Parcells happy with team, unhappy with record

Bill Parcells knows his team is much better than the 4-4 record they have so far and he strongly believes that if they start concentrating and focusing harder during the games, the Cowboys will start winning games on a more consistent basis.

Parcells said he likes just about everything about his team, aside from one glaring, and rather important statistic.

"I'm not disappointed in anything but our record," Parcells said Thursday at his daily news conference at Valley Ranch. I'm not disappointed in the leadership. I'm not disappointed in how my team practices or what they're paying attention to. They're trying to do what they can do.

"We just got to get over the hump, that's all. I think we can do it. I believe we can do it."

Parcells belief in his team stems from the fact that the Cowboys are one of two teams in the entire NFL ranked in the top 5 in both offense and defense. There is no question the Cowboys have the talent and ability to score points and prevent teams from scoring. It's obviously the mistakes, giving up big plays and penalties, that result in a 4-4 record. It's what Parcells calls being disiplined under pressure.

"I've seen enough evidence," Parcells said. "I know we can play well. I've seen it. I've seen enough evidence we can. It's just being consistent with it and just being a little bit more disciplined under pressure. If we can do that, we'll win games."

I think Cowboys fans have to realize that the team is very young as there are only 5 or 6 starters over 30 years of age. The team will improve as the season moves along and I think they're going to put together a little winning streak during the second half. The Cowboys are a very good team, they just have to start playing like it.

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