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Parcells press conference 11/10/06

Glenn could be a game-time decision.

At FS we'll probably go with Davis and Coleman.

The young receivers have started to come along. Hurd can play both positions.

Will Hurd start in place of Glenn? I don't know if Glenn can't go yet. Crayton and Hurd can play Glenn's position.

I haven't decided if Glenn will travel to Arizona yet.

Colombo needed a lot of weight work to get his strength back when he got here. He's done a good job for us. We didn't know what we had, we were thin at tackle, and he had been a high choice, we thought we could get some depth. I told him to look down the road; and to his credit he did everything we asked him to do. He's a hard working player. So far he's filled a big spot for us, he's playing well. I do think the experience of playing has been helpful to him. The more he plays against certain players the better he will be.

On using Jason Fabini at TE occasionally last week: Fabini at TE is an insurance thing we're using there; you could continue to see it. He looked OK on film, we could do it some more.

On Edgerrin James: Similar style running game to Indy, so it's a good fit. They use the WR sets like Indy does. RB's are usually as good as what their line can do, they've had some problems this year. Edge is also a good pass receiver, he can catch short passes and he can make people miss underneath. Unless you play him man-to-man, you have to be concerned and keep an eye on him.

I think they've played better at home than on the road. They got behind early against GB, that wasn't their best outing. But the home games have been better for them. You'd like to jump on them early in the game, but it doesn't always happen that way.

On teams quitting: Teams can lose their spirit, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Arizona.

Practice has been OK this week.

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