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Romo in charge

I'm really starting to like this Romo kid. His on-the-field performances have been full of poise and have led to a new confidence on offense. While we were still scoring points with Bledsoe, we were always waiting for the breakdown, the moment when Bledsoe killed a game with a bad sack or a devastating interception. Romo hasn't had those problems.

But what I really like is this:

Against the Cardinals, he had his best performance yet, completing 20 of 29 passes for 308 yards and two touchdowns.

Afterward, he even barked orders to [Jerry] Jones.

"Come on Jerry, let's go," a smiling Romo said to Jones as he was being interviewed in an empty locker room.

"Now is there any wonder he can step up and throw that ball in there on fourth-and-three and make a first down if he can tell me to c'mon and get on the bus?" Jones said.

Hilarious. Romo is ordering Jerry Jones around. Sure he has a quick release, he's an accurate passer, he manages the game well and calls out the assignments for his line. Moreover, he wins. But really, is there anything better than a fresh-faced kid who's only started three games in the NFL telling Jerry Jones to get on the bus? I guess the Cowboys are now the Romo Express and there's no doubt who the bus driver is.

Bonus points for statements like this:

Romo acknowledged that his confidence is growing every week. But he said he is just trying to have fun and give the Cowboys the best chance to win.

"I don't look into stats," said Romo of his first 300-yard passing day. "What makes me feel good is when you win -- and we won."

Hallelujah. We did win, and yes, that feels good, definitely better than last week.

Pat Watkins manages his own expectations.

Maligned Cowboys free safety Patrick Watkins stood at his locker and smiled as he fixed his stylish black suit.

"Well, I didn't get beat deep," the rookie said. "That's a start."

Yes, that's a start. We'll see how he is after this week's game. The Colts - specifically Peyton Manning - will put the "not getting beat deep" theory to the test.

Greg Ellis, is done for the season, now he's thinking about being done for his career.

He did it just in case. Because after tearing his left Achilles' tendon in the third quarter Sunday, his season is over. And, maybe, his career.

"I wanted to walk off initially because you deal with the reality of stuff, and I don't plan for it to be my last game," said Ellis, 31. "But, in case it is, I can say I went back out there and walked off without somebody carting me off. That's important to me."

That's a shame because Ellis was really coming into his own as a linebacker. Anyone wondering about his importance to the team this year, look at these stats.

Entering Sunday's game, Ellis led the team with 4 1/2 sacks, was tied for the team lead with three tackles for losses, had a pair of quarterback pressures, an interception, three passes defended and three forced fumbles. He had a pair of pressures Sunday.

Besides his on-the-field importance, he was a mentor to many of the young defensive players. Let's hope he at least continues in that role, especially for Bobby Carpenter, who should see playing time now.

What's up with Terrell Owens and Todd Haley? I thought that whole feud thing had been put to bed, wasn't Owens part of the crew that put the plastic rat in his food as a prank a couple of weeks ago? Apparently, that didn't end some of the rough feelings between the two.

Terrell Owens and passing game coordinator Todd Haley had an animated conversation in the Cowboys locker room following Sunday's win over Arizona.

After Owens scored on a 51-yard touchdown catch that gave Dallas a 20-3 lead, he ignored Haley when the coach came over to congratulate him.

Haley spoke to a visibly upset Owens as the receiver dressed following the game.

I'm guessing Owens needs an enemy on any team he plays for. Somehow, he needs to create a target for his pent-up rage, and Haley looks like the guy. As long as it's not the QB.
The problem between Owens and Haley doesn't seem to bother the team.

"I don't care about that stuff," quarterback Tony Romo said. "I throw the ball to whoever is open."

Did I mention I really like this kid?

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