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Cowboy quickies

Who would've thunk it? Sunday's game against the Colts brings the two highest rated passers in the league together on one field.

Now that Tony Romo has qualified for the NFL's passer statistics, the 26-year-old quarterback leads the NFC with a 101.2 rating in five games, including three starts.

Romo's 308-yard, two-touchdown performance in Sunday's win over Arizona vaulted his passer rating to second in the league behind - guess who - Colts quarterback Peyton Manning's 104.5 rating.

More on Romo.

The Cowboys are talking playoffs again because of quarterback Tony Romo. Bill Parcells was hoping he had a caretaker, but after three starts, it appears he has something more.

Romo was 20-of-29 for 308 yards and two touchdowns, but the stat that really caught my eye was converting five of eight third downs through the air. The Cowboys are 25 of 44 on third-down conversions in his three starts.

Wow, check out those numbers on 3rd down.

Bobby Carpenter has been a man without a home in his short time in Dallas.

"I can jump out there if needed," Carpenter said after Sunday's game. "I'd like to get a chance to play. If it's outside, then I'm all for it. I've been practicing mostly inside of late. A few weeks ago, I was practicing outside, and they have been moving me back and forth in case something happened. I didn't mind it."

He should finally get his chance to show us something over the second half of the season. It was senseless to call him a bust or try to label his future performance based on the first half of the season. Now we'll get to see what he has on the field. Here's hoping he lives up to his high draft position.

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