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Broken cell phone helps land Romo

I'm sure many of you out there have been wondering how a player like Tony Romo goes undrafted, not even in the later rounds. Surely there were others who thought this kid had something. Well, one of Romo's closest friends and an old teammate at Eastern Illinois, Scott Sholl, told a reporter at the Rockford Register Star that Romo dropped his cell phone the day of the 2003 draft and couldn't receive incoming calls.

Sholl also told a story that he said no one knows about draft day, when Romo was ignored. Sholl said Romo dropped his cell phone after the first day of the draft. Sholl thought it was possibly broken, but Romo checked the phone and pronounced it fine.

It turns out it was good for outgoing calls but not incoming.

"So he found out he had 29 messages from NFL teams," Sholl said. "Maybe he would have been drafted."

Romo, from Burlington, Wis., signed with Dallas as a free agent in 2003. He chose Dallas in part because his grandparents live there.

Sholl also mentioned something else of interest to many stateline fans:

"The Packers have tried to trade for Romo," he said.

Doesn't look like he's available any more.

Wow, to think that Romo could now be playing for some other lucky team and we would still be stuck with Bledsoe and probably be out of the playoffs already, yikes! I think the football gods thought we suffered enough since the days of Troy, they stepped in and made sure Tony broke his cell phone. Like Paul Harvey used to say, and now you know the rest of the story.

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