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Random Cowboys notes

There's a new DCFanatic Radio Show up for the win over the Cardinals. You can listen to it here.

Phil Simms at likes the Cowboys as a prime candidate to get hot over the last half of the season.

What teams are candidates to fit this model? Look at the Dallas Cowboys. For starters, some of their losses already have come in unusual fashion. They've got a lot of high-end personnel. The move to Tony Romo quarterback has seemed to lift them a little emotionally, and Romo has played well physically. So the curiosity factor there is very high.

BTB regular Tristan, in this diary, reminds you to vote for Tony Romo as the FedEx Air guy for this week. You can vote for Romo here.

Marcus Coleman says he's sorry, especially to Coach Parcells, and wants another chance. Odds on Coleman coming back? Only slightly better than the odds on Bledsoe winning his job back. Part of Coleman's statement:

"As of now, I hope to be able to play again soon and redeem myself. I want to be especially apologetic to Coach Parcells because I know I let him down. And he cares not only about my football life, but my life in general."

I have no idea why I'm posting this, but it cracked me up. What a gig for Vinny Testaverde, sit out part of the season, wait until some team calls, and collect paychecks for the rest of the year. He's my idol!

Vinny Testaverde, who came out of retirement last season to help out the New York Jets, was signed by the New England Patriots.
The 43-year-old quarterback, the first overall pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1987 draft, has played 19 NFL seasons...