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Shooting for second place

Scouts, Inc. over at ESPN is looking for the #2 team in the NFC behind the Bears. Here's their take on Dallas as a possible candidate for #2.

Pro: Tony Romo has done an excellent job since being named the starter at quarterback with his strong, accurate arm and his mobility to avoid the pass rush. He will continue to spread the ball around to his receivers and take advantage of the double coverage on Terrell Owens. The Cowboys have the No. 5 rushing attack in the league. Julius Jones remains healthy and has been able to grind out the tough yards this year. The Cowboys have one of the best receiving comps in the league with Owens, Terry Glenn and Jason Witten. That trio continues to give defenses problems matching up. The defense has played solid all year, stopping the run as well as the pass, and defense wins games in December. The Cowboys are in the best health of any team in the division and have solid depth at key positions. Their schedule, though tough, has them playing at home in five of their final seven games.

Con: The Cowboys are the most penalized team in the league with all types of needless infractions costing them field position, big plays and at least one game. The inconsistent play of Owens and his inability to catch the ball at critical times in games cost this team the Redskins game. Nothing can deflate a team quicker than dropped touchdown passes. The safety play for the Cowboys needs to improve; both positions have been burned for easy touchdowns. Roy Williams has struggled in coverage and will continue to get picked on until he makes more plays in the back end.

Dr. Z has us at #12 in this week's Power Rankings.

#12  Dallas Cowboys (5-4)

Isn't it funny how everyone writing a Cowboys game story meticulously details each of T.O.'s drops (two vs. Cards). It's like A Tale of Two Cities and Madame DeFarge sitting there knitting the names of the doomed into her embroidery.

Uh...yeah. That's exactly what I was thinking, not. WTF? Dr. Z is pulling out A Tale of Two Cities references? Methinks he's trying to show his literary side. If you're going for literary references, I would suggest Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde for the Cowboys.

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