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Some love for Jason Ferguson

This is what I'm talking about. I've been writing each week about Jason Ferguson and the remarkable job he's doing at NT. Now, the Football Insiders via FOX Sports, put the spotlight on it.

Dallas Nose tackle Jason Ferguson is amazing. Every Cowboys game I watch, I come away thinking he dominated the center across the line of scrimmage from him. He completely changes the opposing offense's plan of attack on running plays because guards who might otherwise pull or block a linebacker are forced to help the center with Ferguson.

Right on, that's how you make the 3-4 defense work against the run.

Bobby Carpenter speaks about his expected expanded role.

The former Ohio State star acknowledges there is pressure on him to make the most of this opportunity.

"I'm not trying to make this the be-all and end-all by any means," Carpenter said. "But it's my first big opportunity to showcase what I can do. Obviously, I want to be out there playing every down and make this a permanent situation. Hopefully, I can make the most of it."

Although Singleton might be the safer choice, the Cowboys admit they would like Carpenter to take control of the position.


"You get down by not playing," Carpenter said. "Early on, it was tough. Being inactive, active and inactive. The coaches were hard on me. They wanted to see production, and I wanted see that out of myself. It was no fun sitting the bench. That's disappointing to me."

Sometimes, someone writes something that I wish I had written. Tim Cowlishaw did it in this article.

The Romo Road Show was an unparalleled three-week success story. Has anyone ever gone from obscure backup quarterback to "Well, It Looks Like He's Dating Jessica Simpson Next" in such a short time?

That's a beauty. Why didn't I come up with that?

Romo is getting fed the cheese on a regular basis, but his performances have been cheddar-worthy.

Throw out the rough performance coming off the bench against the Giants, and focus on what Romo has done when prepared for the starting role - 68-for-101 passing, 862 yards, five touchdowns, one interception.

Those are the kinds of numbers that give a team a playoff chance and put Romo into the same conversation with Manning.

Romo gave it his customary sheepish grin and admitted he had heard he was ranked second to Manning but said he's simply confident in the players around him.

"Basically, I feel like anytime we step on the field we have the talent to win the game," Romo said. "We have enough talent to win a lot of games. We just have to stop beating ourselves."

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