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Beware of D-Ware

Now we know why Mac Engel was asking all those DeMarcus Ware questions in yesterday's press conference. He was writing an article about him. Ware is a marked man now that Ellis is out, he's the #1 pressure player for the Cowboys. A few weeks ago, an ex-Cowboy, who knows a thing or two about applying pressure to a QB gave him a call.

When former Cowboys defensive end Charles Haley phoned current Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware two weeks ago, the purpose was to offer some advice.

Advice about Ware's need to develop a different move. An inside move. Haley's point was that, no matter how difficult it might be, pass rushers must go inside.

I have to agree. Ware either bull-rushes straight ahead or he uses that incredible speed to get around the edge, but I rarely see him in the film reviews make an inside move. Tackles are aware of this and are cheating to the outside to get him blocked.

Ware knows he's linked to Shawne Merriman forever. His wife reads it on the Internet.

"No matter what, you look up my name on the Internet, you always see it," Ware said. "My wife has done that. I've always been with Shawne the way Greg [Ellis] is with Randy Moss."

Ware was already getting double-teamed on a regular basis.
"A lot of [opposing players] will say, 'Ware is on this side! We're chipping this way!' " Ware said. "I hear it all the time now."

What's left is to use his wealth of athletic ability, and become the consistent "pressure player" the Cowboys expect. That's why Haley called; to implore him to develop a different move other than just relying on his exceptional speed.

Now, he's the main focus until someone else provides him help on the field. Teams will be coming after him; he needs to listen to Haley.

Terry Glenn looks like he's good-to-go.

Cowboys veteran wide receiver Terry Glenn expects to return to the starting lineup Sunday against the Colts.

Glenn practiced for the second consecutive day after missing last week's game because of cartilage irritation under the right kneecap.

Glenn said the rest last week helped the recovery and said the pain he had when running and cutting is gone. He is listed on the injury report as probable.

Roy and Mat McBriar are in the early lead for fan Pro-Bowl voting.

Cowboys safety Roy Williams and punter Mat McBriar lead the NFC balloting at their positions for the 2007 Pro Bowl, announced Thursday.

Williams, a three-time Pro Bowler, has 118,394 votes. McBriar has 182,155.

Michael Irvin and Charles Haley are on the ballot for the Hall-of-Fame.

Michael Irvin and Charles Haley survived the cut to 25 semifinalists Thursday for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2007.

Irvin advances for the third consecutive year - every year that he has been eligible. Haley is the only player in history to win five Super Bowls, including three with the Cowboys.

These Cowboys were not so fortunate.
Candidates with Dallas connections who were eliminated in the cutdown were executives Gil Brandt and Jerry Jones, coach Jimmy Johnson and players Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Drew Pearson and Herschel Walker.

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