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Cowboy quickies

I'm not hearing this right now.

Tony Romo's right middle finger is swollen. He said the finger is fine and that he doesn't expect any problems throwing the ball.

Not sure when he hurt the finger, but it might have occurred during the Arizona game. Most of his passes were a little high and Romo said that was because of the coverage he saw and he didn't want to throw an interception.

Maybe it was the finger.

After the game, he had it taped.

Tony Romo is absolutely, positively not allowed to be hurt right now. Case closed.

Mickey Spags on why the Cowboys will win.

There'll be some pretty good receivers on the field Sunday.

This team has a pair of playmaking wide receivers. Both are veterans. Both can stretch the field vertically. One is smaller and quicker in stature, the other bigger and stronger, yet still fast enough to get deep.

Two receivers, two threats, two big-time players.

So which team is being described, the Cowboys or the Colts?

Both, actually, and that's one of the reasons why Sunday's game at Texas Stadium arguably has been the most anticipated game of the regular season.

I think has gone a little over the top. They put Flozell Adams on a list of guys that have worn out their welcome.

The Cowboys have surrendered fewer sacks since Tony Romo took over for Drew Bledsoe, but they face some tough pass-rushing teams in the coming weeks and Adams may not hold up in the critical left tackle position. He had season-ending knee injury last year. It's time for the Cowboys to make an upgrade.

Uhh...sure...we'll make an upgrade. Just tell me who that upgrade is first; left tackles aren't exactly growing on trees. Dial 1-800-Tackle and tell me who you get. Until then, I'll stay with Flozell.

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