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Colts vs. Cowboys early morning gameday thread

Oh man, are you excited? I am, I don't know if I can wait all the way to 4 PM (EST) for this game to start. The Cowboys have an opportunity today to get the season started properly and to get rid of the yo-yo past of the first half of the season.

Feel free to use this as an open discussion thread for today's game.

Nick Eatman is predicting a Cowboys win, which is interesting because Eatman usually doesn't do predictions; he just does solid analyses and informative, factual articles. I guess he's a little caught up in the excitement of today's game.

The Cowboys will beat the Colts.

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys, and yes, this year. I'm talking about Sunday, when Peyton Manning brings his 9-0 Colts into Texas Stadium for the first time.

It will be the Colts' first game in Dallas in 10 years. It will be Manning's first game at Texas Stadium ever.

And it will also be his first loss.

Yes, mark it down, the Cowboys will win.

Mickey Spags talked to the Great One - no, not Gretzky - Roger Staubach, about Tony Romo.

It's official: Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach is a Tony Romo fan, and to no one's surprise, he sees a little of himself in the Cowboys' new starting quarterback.

"You got to have the mental toughness to play that position," Staubach said, "and things don't seem to bother him, even like in Carolina when he was behind 14-0. I'm on the bandwagon - I'm a Tony Romo fan."

Staubach, who had a strong arm, no doubt, was a crafty quarterback who could use his legs to make plays. At times, he was at his best when having to improvise to pick up a third down. Maybe that's why he likes Romo just three starts into his NFL career.

"You got to move the football and get third downs," Staubach said, "so we are alike. I think he has the same knack to figure out how to move the football."

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