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Cowboys speak after big win

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Let's hear from some of the victors in the Cowboys spectacular win over the Colts.

From the DFW S-T on Romo and Manning immediately after the game:

''I wished him good luck. He did the same,'' Romo said. ''He's like, 'You're a good player.' So that's meaningful to me.''

In the first start for both quarterbacks at Texas Stadium, it was Romo - not Manning, the six-time Pro Bowler - who was efficient throughout and at his best late, carrying the Dallas Cowboys to a 21-14 victory to spoil the Indianapolis Colts' bid for a perfect season.

''This is big. We've been trying to get ourselves a little momentum for a while,'' Romo said. ''This is a game you have to say you had to have. You know as well as I do that we're running out of games here. We needed this win badly.''


From the USA Today, Marcus Spears says Manning got a little uncomfortable on Sunday:

"Any time you hit guys, it gets to them," Dallas defensive end Marcus Spears said. "Not to take anything away from him. Everybody knows what type of quarterback he is. But I don't care who you are. If you think those bullets are flying at you, you are going to try to duck and get out of the way, and it's going to make you uncomfortable."

The Dallas front five managed to get pressure this week:
Ware provided steady pressure on Manning throughout the game, notching a sack and forcing a Manning fumble in the first quarter. Backup defensive end Jay Ratliff stripped Manning in the early going as well, with James recovering.

"I think sometimes when you're able to play either side of the line, you're not going against the same guy, so he doesn't get used to you," Ware said. "We tried to hit (Manning), tried to not let him sit in the pocket and make his reads. It's comfortable to rush from either side. I kind of like it."

I liked it, too. Big game from Ware, just like we needed.

From, Terrell Owens likes what he saw from Kevin Burnett:

"It was a great interception for us at that time," wide receiver Terrell Owens said. "Definitely coming out of halftime and them getting the ball, they were really pressing to score. It was a great read by the defensive backs, tip drill, (Burnett) got it and took to the house."

Burnett on Burnett:

"It was a big help to get this team started," Burnett said of his first NFL touchdown. "I expect that from myself. I made a big play. I'm happy, but I expect that from myself."

Big play by a backup. We got help from other players stepping up.

"It's good that we have that depth," Ware said. "Our twos played just as good as our ones, guys like Al Singleton and Bobby Carpenter. They were just second-string because we were playing, but our second-stringers are good, too."

It would be nice though, if we could shake off this habit of starting slow in the Romo era.

"It took us a while to get started," Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells said. "It took us forever to get started. That one drive we had there for the go-ahead (score), there were a lot of runs involved there and we did a good job. That screen play was a big play going down to the 1, too."

Lenny P. over at ESPN loves the Cowboys now.

If the division-leading New York Giants and rest of the NFC dare sneak a peek in the rearview mirror, they'll discover the object rapidly gaining ground on them is the resurgent Cowboys. New York is 6-3 going into Monday night's game in Jacksonville, and another slip by the crippled Giants, who are without four defensive starters and left offensive tackle Luke Petitgout, will permit the Cowboys to pull even in the division.

"You can bet," said Dallas nose tackle Jason Ferguson, "that we'll all be watching on Monday night."

The rest of the conference might also want to cast a wary gaze in the Cowboys' direction.

DeMarcus Ware wanted to set the tone early.

"I think we're all aggressive, athletic-type guys," said Ware, who had four tackles, a sack, two hurries, a pass deflection, a forced fumble and was all but unblockable at times. "That's what it takes to play this defense. And we played it about as well as we could today. I thought we set the tone early."

Early as in the Colts' first snap from scrimmage. It was [Bradie] James who buried tailback Dominic Rhodes for a five-yard loss. In the first two Indianapolis possessions alone, James collected two tackles, including one for a loss, a forced fumble and a recovery.

Roy did his part.

"We had to knock (the Colts' offense) off the field early," said strong safety Roy Williams, who blunted one Indianapolis drive by shoving tight end Dallas Clark to the turf and then intercepting a Manning pass on a third-and-goal play from Dallas' 4-yard line. "You can't let them get untracked. We were able to put some doubts in them early, to get Peyton a little frustrated, and that set the tone."

So, we got a big effort from the defense in a big game and took home the `W'. But what's it all mean?

We'll give the last word to Bradie James.

"We want it to be the win that (catapults) is into being a big-time contender, because all of us feel like that's exactly what we are now."

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