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Parcells press conference 11/20/06

Parcells held a short press conference a little while ago, here were the highlights:

No major injuries, some nicks, doesn't think anybody won't be able to play Thursday.

He's not reconsidering Newman on punt returns, said it was Newman's fault, just call a fair catch and they won't hit you.

On the Wayne TD, they ran a fake screen. Wayne acted like he was going to block, Newman bit on the fake and read screen, Wayne ran free and they scored. Carolina did the same thing to us last year.

Lost of talk about Romo, keeping him grounded, Parcells doesn't look at him as a young QB. Said he did some things wrong in the first half, especially on 3rd downs, things they worked on in practice and they looked the same in the game and he did something different. Terry Glenn was the key in getting him going, that and the running game. They gave him run/pass options if the Colts stacked the line against the run, and he went to Terry.

Doesn't know what to do about Vandy. He has to figure it out himself, he's 36 years old, been in the game a long time, he needs to figure it out. Because of his history you give him the benefit of the doubt. Parcells was asked if he was looking at other options. He said in the short-term he wasn't, but if it keeps going then yes he would start looking around at options. Vandy is on thin-ice.

Wanted to get both Singleton and Carpenter into the game, thought they both played OK. Thought Hatcher and Ratliff had good games.

Was concerned about some things they did on offense in the first half after he watched the game film. Things they had gone over in practice 50 times but guys still blew the play. No specifics.