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It's all about Romo, mostly

People are starting to talk about Tony Romo, and it's not just hardcore Cowboys' fans either. Here's the lead from a Romo article on MSNBC.

Being the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys apparently has its advantages.

Quarterback Tony Romo, who said his ex-girlfriend broke up with him just hours before he took over the reins of America's Team, recently revealed having a crush on actress and singer Jessica Simpson, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Media outlets are reporting that Simpson's representatives heard the rumor and got in touch with Romo's people and set up a date. The couple are now rumored to be an item.

Tony Romo has scaled the heights, my friends. The article is actually pretty good and talks more about Romo and football than Romo and Simpson. But you do get a slideshow of Simpson pictures, so there is some benefit to discussing Romo's off-the-field endeavors.

You can't follow up a big win with a big dud, like losing to Tampa Bay a few short days later, if you want to keep momentum in the playoff chase.

A loss to the 3-7 Buccaneers at Texas Stadium would ruin any momentum the Cowboys were hoping to build and would keep them from distinguishing themselves among a crowded NFC wild-card playoff chase. More importantly, a win would keep Dallas in the thick of the NFC East race.

Coach Bill Parcells did not need to tell his players that. The sentiment was shared in all corners of the locker room Monday.

"It was a big win but a short victory," linebacker Akin Ayodele said.

Earlier this season, Parcells said the upcoming 7-game stretch through Thanksgiving will give us a pretty clear indication of this team. So how's it looking?

With a win Thursday, the Cowboys would finish Parcells' seven-game season with a 5-2 record. Then they would visit the Giants on Dec. 3 with a first-place tie, at the least, on the line in the NFC East.


The Romo for Pro Bowl campaign is picking up steam.

There are two reasons to suspect that Tony Romo's final game this year will not be the Super Bowl.

One is that winning a playoff game in Chicago is going to be difficult for any visiting team.

But the other is that his last game this season should come a week after the Super Bowl.

Tony Romo to the Pro Bowl is not a ridiculous notion.

No, it's not. Especially with McNabb going down, Vick playing some ugly games, and other NFC team's faltering down the stretch.

But Romo can start making his claim outright:

Romo has completed 70 percent of his passes since becoming the starter, and he's not just dumping the ball off. His 8.94 yards per attempt leads the NFL, and if he maintains it, would break Roger Staubach's 35-year-old Cowboys record for a season (8.92).

It just so happens that Romo has the best passer rating in the NFC, a conference nearly void of Pro Bowl talent at his position.

Yesterday's press conference let it be known that Mike Vanderjagt doesn't have an automatic lock on his position for the rest of the season.

Cowboys coach Bill Parcells isn't ready to dump kicker Mike Vanderjagt.

But if the high-priced investment continues to be inconsistent, Parcells did say he will start to look for a replacement.

And finally, everybody loves the Cowboys, fans of other teams just don't want to admit it.

The Cowboys' 21-14 win over previously unbeaten Indianapolis on Sunday, televised on CBS, was the highest-rated NFL game on any network this season. The game scored an overnight household rating/share of 15.8/29. The game, which CBS Sports protected under the new NFL flexible scheduling, drew higher ratings than Sunday's San Diego-Denver game, which was moved to prime time on NBC, by 52 percent (15.8/29 vs. 10.4/16).

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