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"What they're saying" - Bucs game

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Time for another round of "what they're saying", where we review the quotable quotes from the Cowboys.

Let's start with the Tuna, who's trying his best to keep Romo-mania from breaking out in full-force and engulfing the Cowboys.

"I have to be pretty pleased with that," Parcells said. "I'm not trying to find anything negative. But we got a ways to go here so put the anointing oil away."

Coach Gruden took another view:

Said Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden: "I thought that was Troy Aikman out there."

The Tuna sounds fired up about the rest of the season.

"We know where the competition is. You don't have to tell me," Parcells said. "We have five games to go. All of them will be important. I'm looking forward to the next (game). I am sure the players are too."

So are we coach, so are we.

Once Romo gets a look at a defense, he's pretty good at dissecting it.

This time, Romo was 22-of-29 for 306 yards, with a stretch of 13 straight completions. He went 9-of-10 in the second half, making him 29-of-31 after halftime over his last three games.

With numbers like that, even Terrell Owens is happy.

"The sky is the limit for the guy," said Terrell Owens, who for all his antics knows a thing or two about quarterbacks, having played with Steve Young in San Francisco and Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia. "He's poised back there in the pocket. He makes things happen on the run. He makes great decisions and he's managing the game. He's exceeding expectations right now."

Here's physical evidence of how crazy it's getting:

Tell that to the fans who chanted "Ro-mo! Ro-mo!" during Fox's postgame show. Or to the fans who hung his name in the Ring of Honor during warmups; it was taken down before kickoff.

Even Jerry Jones is getting in on Romo-mania when he said this about taking the Romo sign down from the Ring of Honor:

"It'll be the last time they take it down," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said eagerly in the giddy winning locker room.

Romo finally admitted he saw the sign, but he wasn't eating the cheese.

Romo caught a glimpse of the sign. After denying he saw it, he broke into a smile and called it "pretty funny."

"That is an injustice to those guys," he said. "Every single one of them have had unbelievable careers. That's something you aspire to one day. If I could play another 15 years, maybe. ... I got things I still have to work on and get better at. Believe me, I haven't arrived yet, by any means."

While were in the middle of all the Romo hysteria, let's not forget about a defense who is getting the job done.

The Cowboys' defense continued their season-long streak of forcing turnovers, getting two more Thursday on interceptions from Roy Williams, who tied his career high with five this year, and linebacker Akin Ayodele.

"It's been huge," linebacker Bradie James said of the turnovers. "We are developing our identity right now. In order to be a pretty good defense, or a great defense, you have to stop the run, eliminate big plays and get some turnovers. And now, that's what we're doing."

OK, we love the defense, we love the job the offensive line is doing, the receivers are getting it done, but everything changed when Romo took over. Something magical happened and Andre Gurode agrees:

"Definitely has been with him [Romo]," said Cowboys center Andre Gurode of the team's changed disposition. "He keeps it lively in the huddle. He'll call a play, and ask, 'What play did I call?' Or, 'What's the count?'"

The count is 4-1 as a starter. Next week against the Giants should be fun. Even the Tuna is looking forward to it.