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T.O. makes a move on Jessica's boyfriend

Matt Mosely thinks Romo and Owens are making beautiful music together, so far.

I asked him [Owens] last Thursday why he appeared to be laying low these days, and he walked over and gave the nameplate above Tony Romo's locker a few love pats. Could it be that a man who has spent most of his career in unhealthy quarterback relationships has finally found The One?

Well, I'll reserve judgment on that one until Romo has a poor game, something that may or may not happen in the next decade.

The column also contains this entertaining tidbit about the Cowboys scoring explosion on Thursday:
Best line from a team doctor: "We scored so much that we had to give the little girl who was retrieving the tee an IV."

Last year's season has some eerie similarities to this year.

This time last season, Dallas was 7-4 and coming off an overtime loss to Denver on Thanksgiving Day, before heading to East Rutherford, N.J. to face the Giants.

The Cowboys trailed by 17 before losing, 17-10, a loss that sent their season into a tailspin. The Giants took sole possession of first place in the NFC East. The Cowboys finished the season 2-2 and missed the playoffs.

Did you catch the big difference? Besides Romo? Last year we lost on Thanksgiving before heading to the Giants' home. This year, the team thinks things are different.
"You don't want to compare seasons, but unlike last year, I can truly say that right now, we're playing the best ball that we've been playing all season," linebacker Bradie James said. "Last season, we took a nose dive. The leadership and guys on this team won't let that happen. We know what's in front of us."

The Giants have been in a tailspin recently, with injuries mounting and Eli Manning's erratic play. But the mouth that roared thinks they are still the better team.
A few days ago, tight end Jeremy Shockey said that if the Giants play their game, there's no way they lose to the Cowboys in Giants Stadium.

The Cowboys aren't so sure about the accuracy of that statement.
"We'll see," Terrell Owens said.

"That will be for next week," coach Bill Parcells said. "I am aware of it."

I smell bulletin-board material.

Mac Engel muses on the Cowboys search for a QB, post-Aikman, and how they might've finally found one.

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