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Heart and Soul of the Dallas Cowboys

Scott Knudsen of gives a list of things us Cowboy fans should be thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday. The number one thing to be thankful for of course is Parcells' decision to finally go with Tony Romo and bench Bledsoe, but right after  that he tells us we should be very thankful to have Roy Williams playing for our team. I for one couldn't agree more. A lot of fans think he is overrated, but that is just ridiculous. Sure, he isn't the best coverage guy in the league, even though he does have 5 INT's this season. However, he's a big time playmaker who can change the course of a game with his devastating hits. I personally believe there isn't another player in the league that wideouts fear more patroling NFL secondaries and that type of intimidation gives our defense an edge that many in the league simply do not have.

Roy Williams is the hands down, heart and soul of this football team. Despite some coverage flaws, fans wouldn't want any other strong safety patrolling the field like a bull in the china shop. He's a one man wrecking crew. All obstacles, inclusive of teammates, are fair game if errantly in his path of destruction. He will blow up anything that moves. He may be the only player that causes both receivers and cornerbacks to keep their heads on a swivel at all times.

Roy, El Martillo (Hammer), Williams can individually set the tone for an entire contest with one of his patented explosive collisions. No one in the League has the ability to produce so much energy in a very condensed space. He only needs a couple of steps to deliver a full-impact blow. Many have fallen subject to his "sit down, my Brother" shoulder, and many more will find themselves in his destructive wake in the games and years to come. For the benefit of all, it's hoped this former first round selection, who absolutely salivated at the notion of becoming a Dallas Cowboy, plays for one team, and one team only. He may not be the most vocal, but his ferociousness speaks volumes.

AMEN, brother.

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