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Sparano silently makes the Cowboys go

JJT has a good article up about offensive line coach and play-caller Tony Sparano. In the article he reminded me that Sean Payton wanted to take Sparano with him to New Orleans to be his offensive coordinator. Parcells put a stop to that and the reason why is now clear. (BTW, the game against the Saints has plenty of storylines to go around, doesn't it? The media is going to have a field-day with the Parcells-Payton angle).

Even when Bledsoe was the QB, the Cowboys' offense was scoring points. What's kind of lost in Romo's success is that we score the same amount of points with Romo at the helm as we did with Bledsoe - 28 points a game. But with Romo, it comes without the negative plays and the turnovers, meaning more victories.

Silently in the wings Tony Sparano has been the play-caller. Here's another reason why the offense works better with Romo:

When Parcells finally benched Bledsoe five games ago and inserted Tony Romo into the lineup, no one thought the 26-year-old who didn't throw his first pass until this season would ignite an offense.

He's done it by executing Sparano's game plans better than Bledsoe. Talk to enough players and they'll tell you Sparano's game plans are designed to make each of the Cowboys' offensive weapons a play-maker during the course of the game.

That didn't always happen with Bledsoe at the helm; Romo makes sure it does.

So T.O. no longer whines about his involvement. Even Glenn, who had a special karma with Bledsoe, is averaging more yards per game with Romo at quarterback.

The Cowboys rank third in the NFL in total offense - fourth in rushing and fifth in passing. No other team ranks among the top five in both categories. Dallas' 28.1 scoring average ranks third.

Nice job Sparano. Here's how he thanked the offensive stars after the Bucs game.
After the Cowboys beat Tampa Bay, Sparano walked around the locker room making eye contact with all of the key offensive players - it seemed to be his way of letting them know his appreciation.

Tight end Jason Witten, surrounded by a throng of reporters, didn't see Sparano, so the coach walked into the training room. A moment later, he walked over to the crowd around Witten and waited patiently for another minute or so until he made eye contact with Witten.

Only then did he leave.

Burger King ranks the Boys as the #4 team:

4. Dallas (7-4). You tell me one team below [#4] that you think would beat Tony Romo on a neutral field. Can't find one, can you? I spent five minutes trying to justify putting Dallas ahead of Indy or Baltimore, to be honest with you, and very nearly did it.

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