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Cowboy Haters in crisis

I love it; Cowboy Haters across the nation are starting to have meltdowns over Tony Romo reviving the team's fortunes. This guy is having one, although it is very tongue-in-cheek - or maybe not.

Damn you, Tony Romo! Damn you straight to hell! Do you have any idea what kind of damage you've done? Do you?

Everything was going according to plan, you know. The implosion of the NFL's version of the New York Yankees was imminent and Drew Bledsoe was seeing to it personally. Veins were popping on the three most despicable faces of America's (Most Hated) Team with every interception, incompletion and immobilization. And the simultaneous eruption of egos in Texas Stadium was going to leave a mushroom cloud over Dallas to be seen for miles.

From `implosion' to `impressive'.
America's (Most Hated) team is rolling again, looking more and more like the only true challengers to the Bears' supremacy in the NFC.

Damn you, Tony Romo. Damn you to hell.

Matt Mosley on Romo's next contract.

With each passing week, Tony Romo's asking price is going up. You might recall him signing a two-year extension worth $3.9 million in August that included a $2 million signing bonus.

I'm told the Cowboys will wait until after the season before tearing up that contract and starting over.

It's going to be expensive, but it should be worth the cash. Get Romo locked-up to a long-term deal.

BTB regular Chris Hanes posted the news in this diary, the Cowboys/Saints game is moving to Sunday night.

The Cowboys-Saints game at Texas Stadium on Sunday, Dec. 10, has been moved from noon to 7:15 p.m. on NBC as part of the NFL flexible scheduling, the league announced Monday.

Tony Romo is now on the Pro Bowl ballot, so go vote for him until your heart is content.