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Parcells press conference 11/28/06

I tried to listen to the press conference today on but it kept freezing and crashing on me. I managed to get through the opening when Parcells talked about Vanderjagt and Gramatica.

Basically, Parcells said that for the past 5-6 weeks he's been concerned about the way Vandy was kicking. The preseason was "un-definitive" but the early season he looked OK. Over the last 6 weeks he's been hitting the ball poorly, it was affecting the way they played and that even though he made the kick against Tampa, he almost missed it (along with some extra points) and that was confirmation for Parcells to change.

On Gramatica, he said he knew what happened in 2003 to Gramatica, knows why he was out of football, followed him this summer (in New England) and they got good information that he was kicking well. Said he was an 80% kicker before he got hurt, a 92% kicker in the playoffs.

After that, I don't know what happened; did anybody else get through it all? Was everybody having this problem?

Add on anything else of importance that you heard in the comments.

Todd Archer on Oliver Hoyte:

The Cowboys entered the season prepared to run their Detroit package with two tight ends almost exclusively, which necessitated the drafting of Anthony Fasano in the second round. But Hoyte's playing time has increased in recent weeks.

In a drive to tie the score against Indianapolis on Nov. 19, Hoyte helped Julius Jones pick up 31 yards on five carries with him as the lead blocker. He started the drive by pinning defensive end Robert Mathis, allowing Jones to gain 7 yards, and he closed the drive by flattening the other end, Dwight Freeney, on Marion Barber's 5-yard touchdown run.

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