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5 Questions with a Redskins blog

I played 5 Questions with the guys over at the Curly R Redskins blog again this week, and Brandon from the Curly R sent the following responses.

BTB: At 2-5, it's obvious that the Redskins aren't where they want to be or where people expected them to be. Give us a couple of reasons this team isn't getting it done?

Brandon: A couple?  I'll give you one meta-reason:  the Redskins are least self-aware team in the NFL.  Each year the team brings in a crop of free agents or the latest NFL coaching phenom and expects to make big waves.  The problem is that this emphasis on the individual is counterproductive in football, perhaps the world's most complete team sport.  Every year it's someone else..."oh, now we have Clinton Portis so we'll be unbeatable...oh, Gibbs is back, so is the old magic..."  You get the picture.  This team needs to spend 3 years developing the talent it has and filling in the holes in order to become the unstoppable force Dan Snyder always fancies them to be each August.

BTB: What's the status of Mark Brunell? How long will the Skins stick with him? What does the fan base think?

Brandon: Mark who?  Jason Who?  I don't know about the fanbase, but my reaction is: meh.  The fanbase probably wants to see Jason Campbell get a shot, but that's only because a QB change is the only thing that will make the rest of this season interesting.  Campbell was unspectacular in preseason, so I wouldn't expect miracles from him now.  My guess is that we'll see Campbell in the second half of the Dallas game if the Redskins get down by three scores.

BTB: Injuries have been a problem for the Skins, what's the latest update on the injury situation.

Brandon: Santana Moss might not play, otherwise I'm pretty sure that all the principals are ready to go for Sunday.  The Redskins don't throw downfield to often though, so I don't think it's a huge factor.

BTB: What's the view of Tony Romo from over there? Will it change the defensive gameplan?

Brandon: Obviously Parcells feels that Romo gives the team the best chance to win, and his performance so far has been stellar.  The view of him, if there is one, is probably best described by the way a single guy looks at another guy's girlfriend..."man, don't I wish I had one of those right now." I don't think it will change the Redskins' defensive gameplan, which is in damage control at this point.

BTB: Give us your gameplan to beat Dallas on Sunday. How should the Skins attack Dallas?

Brandon: Beating Dallas won't be easy, but my plan would be to blitz the bojangles out of Romo.  He might be good, but he's still getting used to the speed of the NFL passing attack, so the Skins should try to force him out of his comfort zone.  The Skins need to employ a balanced offensive attack, letting Portis get in 20+ carries and making good use of Cooley over the middle.  I'd focus on controlling time of possession, and try to avoid 15 yard penalties that result from players acting like hyenas after plays.

BTB Bonus: Joe Gibbs vs. Bill Parcells? Which one will have the most satisfying final years?

Brandon: Parcells by far.  Gibbs' comeback has been, in my view, a total bust.  I just don't see the value he adds to the Redskins, especially with two overpaid "associate head coaches" in the booth.  He's basically a figurehead to remind us all of past glory during our time of despair, much like Teddy Roosevelt in his Bull Moose days.

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