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Moss may be a no-go on Sunday

Santana Moss has the dreaded hamstring injury. (Somebody alert ESPN, its obvious this is just a battle of wills between Moss and Joe Gibbs. Where's Ed Werder?) Anyway, he hasn't practiced in two weeks and is a game-time decision.

Wide receiver Santana Moss missed his fourth consecutive practice yesterday, signaling that the Washington Redskins' most important receiving option may be unavailable for Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Moss missed both practices before the Redskins' bye week and has not participated in either practice this week with a sore left hamstring. He did not want to provide details on his status, preferring to let his appearance on the field -- or his non-appearance -- speak for itself.

The Redskins are so wrapped up in buying players; they forgot you can actually draft them! I know, it's stunning. Check out the love for our draft class from a couple of years ago from the WaPo blog.

The draft is seen as a more gradual means of improvement, but in this sport, consecutive inspired days of player selection in late April can have immediate results, too. I got to looking at the Cowboys 2005 draft the other night. Now, I still think their D has a ways to go, but it is young and fast, and seems to be peaking while Washington's is older and slumping. Without doubt, the fortunes of Dallas's defense began to change at the 2005 annual player selection meeting (at least I think its the official name).

DeMarcus Ware, who can be downright dominant at times and seems to really get up for games with Washington, was taken 11th overall and end Marcus Spears, another force in their 3-4 system, was grabbed with the 20th pick. Kevin Burnett, a valuable back-up and situational player at the linebacker position, came in the second round. End Chris Canty, playing just down the road at UVA, is another key starter for the Cowboys, and he was taken in the fourth round, 132nd overall. Jay Ratliff, a defensive tackle with three sacks as a back-up (more than any Redskin player), was Dallas's final pick in the draft, 224th overall (seventh round).

Jealous much?

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