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Greatest QB rivalries has another of it's Top 10 football related lists up, this time it's the Top 10 Greatest QB Rivalries. When you're talking QB's in the NFL, you have to include Dallas, we've had a very successful lineage of QB's. I wrote a post on that subject right before Romo's first start, which can be found here.

On the list, Cowboy QB's show up twice.

#6 - Troy Aikman vs. Steve Young

Along with Brett Favre, Aikman and Young were the dominant quarterbacks of the 1990s, and usually when they faced each other, the stakes were very high. Aikman's Cowboys beat Young's 49ers in the 1992 and 1993 NFC Championship Games, while Young got revenge in the 1994 NFC Championship Game. Both had outstanding talent around them, but it was their leadership and calm under pressure that made their teams regular Super Bowl contenders.

#1 - Roger Staubach vs. Terry Bradshaw

Staubach, the Cowboys great, and Bradshaw, the leader of the Steelers, were two iconic figures of the 1970s. While they both enjoyed tremendous success, their images were quite different. Staubach was the clean cut Navy grad, while Bradshaw was the brash Louisiana Tech product with the big arm. They faced each other in two of the hardest-fought Super Bowls of all time -- both of which Bradshaw's Steelers won -- and will ever be linked together in NFL history.

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