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Cowboys @ Redskins pre-game open thread

This is an open thread for pre-game chatter. Today, we go into enemy territory to take on our rival. Tony Romo gets his chance to prove it wasn't just a lucky punch last week. We are fighting to keep momentum going and we are fighting to sweep those losers from D.C., the Deadskins.

Let's get some early smack-talk going, and fill us in on any news you come across before the game.

T.V. schedule for today's game.

FOX is broadcasting the game to 53% of the nation, you can see the local station broadcast schedule here. You can see where the game will be broadcast on a map here.

JJT discusses the scout, Jim Hess, who was responsible for checking on Tony Romo before the draft.

Hess made sure Romo was as legitimate as any 6-2 quarterback with average arm strength from a Division I-AA school can be. Now, Romo has the weight of an organization on his shoulders after completing 24 of 36 passes for 270 yards with a touchdown and an interception last week against Carolina in his first NFL start.


At the NFL Scouting Combine prior to the draft, Hess met Romo. Although he hadn't been invited to the combine, Romo served as one of three extra throwers, meaning he threw balls to the running backs, receivers, linebackers and defensive backs during their drills. Hess saw Romo throw about 1,000 passes that week.

That required humility for the I-AA Player of the Year, something Hess noted because it spoke to Romo's character.


The Cowboys rated Romo as the 11th-best quarterback and put a high fifth-round grade on him. On draft day, Hess called Romo at the start of every round starting in the fifth round. Maybe this is the round we'll get you, he told Romo.

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