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Cowboys lose in last second meltdown, 22-19

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That was one of the cruelest, most gut-wrenching ways to lose a game I've ever experienced. The Washington Redskins blocked a 35-yard FG in the last seconds, recovered it and returned it past mid-field. They also got a face-masking penalty, moving the ball into FG range with an untimed down. Redskins convert the FG and win 22-19. Absolutely mind-boggling. So many mistakes played into this loss. The dropped bomb by Terrell Owens, chasing the extra-point on our first TD was a bad move, you don't chase points that early in a game. Worst of all, we can't even block for a game-winning FG. Penalties again set us back on drive after drive. Our secondary dropped a few INT's and got beat in the 4th for a TD.

Just a bad, bad loss for the Cowboys. We are now 4-4 and have to win next week at Arizona.

Vent below, but once again, try to keep your language in check.

Here's the box score.