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Start the healing

There's only one way I can think of to describe that loss to the Redskins. It felt as if I was walking a tight-rope, 42 floors above the cold, forbidding pavement. It was a little shaky at first, but I started to get a feel for it. I hung in there. As the walk progressed, there were a few gusts of wind that got me off-balance, but I persevered, gathered my wits, and the end of the rope was close at hand. I picked up my speed ever so slightly, making my way to safety. And there it was, the end of the rope, and I had made it. I took my step off the rope to the edge of the building, to safety; ready to celebrate...and I slip while standing on the ledge. Splat; I'm a pile of flesh and bones on the pavement. Women are screaming, babies are crying. It's an ugly scene.

OK, now that I got that out of the way, phew...I feel better. This game wasn't the end of the season, but opportunity is tired of waiting. He's rung the doorbell, no one answered, and he's walking off the porch. The Cowboys better go out next week and at least yell "hold on" to opportunity. Get him to hang out a little longer, until we can decide if we are going to talk to him this year.

At 4-4, with the NFC bunched up, there's still time make a move. Look at the lay of the land.

Chicago         7 1
New Orleans   6 2
NY Giants       6 2
Atlanta           5 3
Seattle           4 3
Dallas            4 4
Minnesota      4 4
Carolina        4 4
St. Louis        4 4
Philadelphia   4 4

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