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Cowboy quickies

The headline to this FOX Sports article read:

Parcells not happy with Cowboys

No kidding? I thought he would've been overjoyed with his team after the Redskins game.

The Cowboys lead the league in one category:

The Cowboys have racked up the most penalty yards in the NFL, a rarity for Parcells-coached teams traditionally built around discipline and committing fewer mental errors than the other team.

"It's just exasperating," Parcells said.

The game against the Colts has been moved to the late game.

The Cowboys vs. Indianapolis Colts game time, originally set for noon on Nov. 19, has been moved to 3:15 p.m. on CBS, the NFL announced Monday.

Kyle Kosier made a mistake on Sunday with the facemask penalty. Turns out, his real mistake was that he just didn't drag the Redskin to the ground by the facemask.

"I guess I should've brought him all the way down," a stunned Kosier said after his 15-yard facemask penalty put the Redskins in position for kicker Nick Novak's 47-yard game-winner.

If Kosier had just made the tackle by the facemask, instead of turning it loose, the Redskins wouldn't have been in position to kick a FG.

Mickey Spags discusses the Cowboys frustrating season. Money quote:

But at this point, they have been nothing but a bunch of teases; showing you just enough to be tantalizing, but never consistently producing enough. The clock is ticking, but time has not run out, because there sure seems to be more than meets the mediocre 4-4 record.

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