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Safeties dragging Cowboys defense down

K.C. Joyner delves into our secondary and concludes what we already know. Our CB's can cover (Newman is gold and at least Henry can cover most of the time), our safeties, not so much.

Don't get me wrong. Dallas does have a pair of top quality cornerbacks in Anthony Henry and Terence Newman, as their metrics this year clearly show:

The problem is that these two have not been able to cover up for the deficiencies of the Dallas safeties. Roy Williams, the Cowboys strong safety, has Pro Bowl caliber run-stuffing abilities but his coverage abilities always have been suspect. This year has been no different:

To put Williams' 11.9 yards per attempt into perspective, consider that it would have ranked him 33rd in the league in that metric in 2005. It is also two yards worse than Williams' 2005 season-ending total in that metric.

He then discusses Pat Watkins failures early in the season, and finished us off with a gloomy review of our other free safeties.
The problem for the Cowboys is that they don't have anyone to replace Watkins with. Keith Davis proved he wasn't the answer last year when he gave up 15.6 yards per attempt in his tryout year at that position. Marcus Coleman is the other alternative, but Coleman has allowed over 12 yards per attempt in each of the past two seasons. Coleman was so bad last year that the Texans, who could have used a player with his experience to help mentor a young secondary, benched him for a rookie and then let him go after the season.

Same as it ever was.

This MSNBC article takes on the Tuna. Items discussed include how long Tuna might coach and how much of this year's failures are his fault.

Since going 10-6 and snagging a wild card in Parcells' first season, the Cowboys are 19-21, with another loss in that lone playoff game. Their longest winning streak in that span is three games, and it's only happened once.

Our longest win streak is only 3 games. That's the reason we are a mediocre club, we can't get off the yo-yo and string some wins together.

Maybe age has caught up to the 65-year-old Parcells. Maybe he's burned out after three years of working with Jerry Jones and three months of T.O. Or maybe it's short-timer's syndrome from a guy who knows he won't be around next year.

Maybe he hates losing, especially with the talent he has on this team. I don't have the answer.

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