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Cowboys cut Polite, sign Ayodele's brother

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There's a new DCFanatic Radio Show up, it's a post-game show for the Redskins. Take a listen and see how I use it for therapy.

The Tuna made some roster changes again.

The Cowboys waived fullback Lousaka Polite, who was re-signed to the team last week and played in Sunday's loss to the Redskins. They also cut defensive tackle J'Vonne Parker, who has been active two of the last three games.

The Cowboys signed rookie defensive end Stephen Bowen from the practice squad to the 53-man roster, and also signed defensive tackle Remi Ayodele, the younger brother of linebacker Akin Ayodele, to the team's practice squad.

That still leaves an open spot on the 53-man roster, which will likely be filled before Sunday's game in Arizona.

Dr. Z loves Terence Newman; he's on his list of "sleeper All-Pros".

The league's interference rules have made young shutdown corners rare, but the Cowboys' Terence Newman has been consistently good in man coverage.

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