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Who buttered T.O.'s popcorn?

Someone put butter on T.O.'s bucket of popcorn and now he can't catch the ball. He also picked up a new nickname:

But the indignity of being ridiculed for his hands -- some in the NFL community are starting to call him 50-50 because of several crucial drops -- was just too much.

Owens' foul mood was exacerbated even more Wednesday. After answering several questions about dropping a potential 74-yard touchdown pass that could have been the difference in last Sunday's 22-19 loss at Washington, a reporter questioned his use of gloves.

As the media left the locker room, a mischievous Owens tossed two pairs of black receiving gloves over his locker.

"Take 'em! Take 'em!" he said.

Owens was smiling but could not hide his frustration.

An article with notes about Keith Davis and Marcus Coleman splitting time at safety this week, but also noting that if their play doesn't improve, Parcells is willing to go back to Pat Watkins. It makes some sense, if your safeties are going to give up TD's, it might as well be the young one who is learning for the future. Also in the article, Terry Glenn didn't practice and is still listed as probable.

Tim Cowlishaw on the indignities of the 4-4 record for this edition of the Cowboys.

The Cowboys have managed to forge a .500 record outscoring opponents by 59 points. What?

The Cowboys have outscored their opponents by a greater margin than the 6-2 Giants, than the 6-2 Saints, than the 6-2 Broncos. They have outscored their opponents by the exact same figure as the 8-0 Colts.

A team that wins by routes but loses all the close games is a flawed one.

The game against Arizona just got a little tougher. Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald is ready to go.

Pro Bowl receiver Larry Fitzgerald pronounced himself ready to go against the Cowboys on Sunday.

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