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Parcells press conference 11/09/06

Terry Glenn didn't practice, we'll see tomorrow, he's listed as probable.

The team practiced OK today, tomorrow we'll work on short-yardage and goal line.

Glenn has irritation on the lining under the knee

Glenn probably won't play if he doesn't go tomorrow. Patrick Crayton will be the 3rd WR. (Sounds like Hurd would start) We want him to have 30-35 plays per game. But Glenn is probable, he's not out, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

On kickoffs, I'm thinking about using Austin, and maybe Kincade, he might got to the game, as another possibility. I just didn't see enough from Green. It's not what he didn't do, it's that other guys can play more plays. Green is confined to kick and punt returns, other guys can cover kickoffs or punt return, too. If Terry doesn't dress might we might have to take insurance. (All indications that Austin will be active this week)

I'm satisfied with the leadership on the team. This deal, this time of the year, is going on with 15 teams in league. This thing is not decided, we can play well, I've seen the evidence, but we must be consistent. We must show discipline under pressure.

Some characteristics exhibited are not allowing us to take advantage of the positive things we do. We're not underachieving, we just need to get the mental discipline in place, especially on the road, we need to get that going.

I'm not disappointed in anything but the record. Not with the leaders, not with the practices, we just need to get over the hump. I know that opinion doesn't have credence right now with you guys or maybe the fans, I don't know. But I believe we can do it. If we play a good solid game we can win.

In the penalty area they [the players] know that, they know the rules. You can't tell a player this is a potential false start play. It's how they react under duress. If you ask them, I think they would take the blame.

The mental mistake on the FG came from the last guy I would guess would have one, he maybe had one in 8 games. I told them 30 games will go down to the last play this year, we've seen 8 to 10 to 15 already, games decided on the last play of the game.

It doesn't matter how hard you work, this is a results business; you don't get any medals for getting sweaty. Whatever I've done so far I guess hasn't been enough. I try to call attention to it more [the penalties], we'll see.

Boldin is a good run after the catch guy and very aggressive to the ball. He's not a prototypical guy physically for a WR. He's got thick quads, he's a powerful runner, he was a back in high school and college some. I'm impressed with both their WR's. Fitzgerald is a bigger guy, taller and heavy, 225 lbs. He's aggressive for the ball and has good hands, he's not the fastest guy in the world.

They got bigger weapons with him in the game, at the flanker spot. Their trying to give the QB continuity, get him calm in the system, get the ball out of hands quickly, keep him from duress. It's a good mode if the game is close or you're ahead.

On Leinart: I wouldn't say he has a quick release, that wasn't what I thought when I watched him, but he will take the outlet pass, we have to be careful of that, if Edge catches the ball and you're too deep, its going to be 2nd and 2, and that's not good.

On Arizona and the bye week: They'll have a few wrinkles for the game. Denny's been a standard approach guy over the years on offense, and its worked well for him. Washington, we thought would run more coming off the bye week and they did. Arizona will be happy to have Fitzgerald back.

On teams running end-arounds and gadgets on Dallas: The Redskins caught us in the exact wrong defense on that play, any other defense we ran and I don't know why they would even call it. It was good execution, and they caught us in the wrong defense.

On Adrian Wilson: Wilson, I think, is their best defensive player, he's active, he's where the action is, he comes down a lot when things are in front of him. He's a good tackler, he's physical, an excellent blitzer, he had 8 sacks last year. Last year we paid attention to him, we'll be cognizant of where he is on the field.

I'd like to see more from Canty. He's a solid player, he's not doing things to get us beat, but my expectations are higher for him than his play. He's a good technique guy, he knows the defense, I just want a little more production.

On the Cards defense: Berry is a good pass rusher, Okeafor can give you problems. I like Dockett, a good interior guy. Rolle's improved at corner. They've played good defense in spurts, mostly at home.

Spears is playing solid, he's not getting knocked back, he has good athletic ability, maybe could do a little more. DeMarcus Ware, other teams are paying attention to him, but he's been picking it up lately.

I talked to Hatcher today, he's good to go, full strength. I'm happy with him, he could be a pressure player, give some relief to Ware.

Stephen Bowen, I wanted to give him a chance, more of an end, he's worked hard, good practices. I wasn't happy with Parker, so I thought we'd make a move.

Are you thinking of blitzing more on defense? Not necessarily, no. Our best games on defense are when we blitz less. We blitzed several times last week, we're not hesitant to do it.

Miles Austin is a big, fast guy, he's pretty tough, has tremendous potential as a player. When he arrived, it was a little too big for him, but he's settling down. He's good in practice. He has potential as a player, not just a special teams player, I really believe that. Austin and Hurd play different positions. Austin plays split end, Hurd plays flanker, but he can also play both.

I might use Barber on kickoffs. He's been practicing back there.

Crayton or Newman on punt returns. Crayton is asked to do more things physically, more so than the other WR's, so you get more wear and tear. (in response to why not start him).

Production from Terry Glenn has been OK, we just need to get him the ball. Tony overthrew him on that one play last week, that could've been big.

I don't like the 2-pt. conversion. I don't like the way they run college football overtime. The way they do pro football overtime is OK.

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