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Burress, Roy, T.O., Shockey - this game is getting good

You know, I'm a guy who prides himself on knowing everything that is going on with the Cowboys. But somehow, I missed this whole exchange, and its pretty juicy.

Terrell Owens remembers how Burress called him a "coward" who purposely slipped on the turf to avoid a potential hit during the Giants' 36-22 win in Dallas last month. Owens says Burress will want to watch out this Sunday, particularly for hard-hitting safety Roy Williams.

It's true that Owens will take to the turf or head to the sideline if trouble is coming. I'm not against this as long as he's not giving up potential yardage. Staying healthy and holding onto the ball is more important than always testing your manhood on the field, especially for fragile receivers.

But Owens says that Roy has his back.

Owens said, "Yeah, we'll get him this week. We'll get him this week. All I know is, everybody, that defense has been hitting some people, kind of laying the wood a little bit," Owens said after practice at the Cowboys' Valley Ranch base. "I'm pretty sure they have been watching the film so he better watch out."

So why should Roy be worked up over Burress?

Because of this:

After that Monday night Giant win, Burress criticized the Dallas safety for complaining about how he was impeded by an official from making a play on Burress when the Giants' receiver caught a 50-yard touchdown bomb. Williams collided with the back judge on the play. "He couldn't have made that play if he wanted to," Burress said after the game. "He can't cover and No.25 (rookie safety Patrick Watkins) can't cover. It wasn't a surprise. That's been (Williams') rap since he came in the league. He's a 250-pound ankle tackler. That's what he is. And horse collars, too."

"He wouldn't have made that play if he was on a skateboard," Burress added.

Now we're talking. This isn't calling out a team, saying they can't beat your team if your team plays your game like Shockey said. This is personal. And Burress wasn't done dogging Roy. When discussing Roy as a `big-hitter', Plaxico said this:
"He is, when you ain't looking," Burress said. "He'll sock you when you ain't looking. Look at how he tackles guys coming straight at him and guys that are not looking. He's a different football player."

Now that's quality trash-talking. That's the kind of stuff that will get your leg broken. He's basically calling Roy a no-talent, can't cover, cheap-shot, pansy.

I'm keeping my eye in this little sub-plot on Sunday.

Mosley says we added a new kicker.

While reports have been that Martin Gramatica has been excellent in his first two days of practice, the Cowboys filled out their practice squad by signing kicker Carlos Martinez.

Martinez kicks for the Dallas Desperadoes and went to training camp with Atlanta. He's had a few workouts with the Cowboys in recent years.

I knew it, I called this yesterday, the Giants are trying to turn it all against the media and create a common enemy. ESPN reports the players were singing Twisted Sister's "We're Not Going To Take It" at the press as they filed into the locker room.

Then you get this from the Giants web site:

"I want to thank you guys again for causing all of the disruption on our team," middle linebacker Antonio Pierce said. "You all did this last time when we were 1-2 and good things came out of it. So keep writing negative things and keep trying to make guys bicker on our team."

"We're not angry at one another. We're angry at all of you guys and we thank you for that. We're not angry at one another. Strahan and Plax kissed this morning. It was a beautiful thing. They made up, and everyone knows each other around here again."

Puhleeze! Talk about forced unity. I'm sure dogging the occasional columnist is going to help Eli Manning complete his passes, and surely it will help LT Bob Whitfield - who I believe broke into the NFL back in the Eisenhower administration - block DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher. Surely, with ESPN on his mind, Plaxico Burress will never quit on a play again.

Meanwhile, the Giants are getting healthier.

Antonio Pierce (knee), safety Gibril Wilson (shoulder) and linebacker Carlos Emmons (groin) returned to practice today. Pierce is still listed as probable, while Wilson and Emmons remain questionable for Sunday's game.

Defensive end Osi Umenyiora (hip flexor), linebacker Brandon Short (quad) and cornerback Sam Madison (hamstring) practiced for the second day in a row without problems.

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