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Sunday games open thread

Once again, I'm having a love/hate relationship with being the prime-time game. It's cool to be the marquee game, the one the whole nation is watching and playing at night always seems to give the game a big-time flavor. But I loathe waiting all day for the Cowboys to play. The anticipation becomes over-whelming by mid-afternoon.

What are your guy's thoughts on being the night game on Sundays?

This is an open thread for the Sunday day games. Also, if you pick up any Cowboys/Saints news along the way, post it here. Especially the status of Marques Colston.

There are some good games today. We got our NFC East brethren Washington and Philadelphia hooking up in a game the Eagles desperately need to win. You also got the Giants trekking to Charlotte to play the Panthers in a game New York has to win. Elsewhere, the Ravens battle the Chiefs and the Colts go on the road to Jacksonville. Our next week's opponent Atlanta tries to keep some momentum going by playing the lowly Buccaneers.

Talk it up as we wait for the big game tonight.

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