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Debacle in Dallas; Saints humiliate Boys 42-17

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Ugly, pathetic, horrible, the list of adjectives is long to describe this game. The Cowboys came in riding a wave of expectations, those are now shattered. Dallas is now back to fighting for playoff positioning, if not the playoffs themselves.

For a brief moment, the Cowboys jumped out in front on a long TD run from Julius Jones. Things started to go downhill quickly after that. Basically, the entire Cowboys team failed in this game. The defense was awful, the coaches could never figure out the Saints offense and Tony Romo wasn't the Romo we've seen in his recent starts. He'll need a bounce back game next week as will the defense, especially the pass coverage.

Sean Payton put together a beautiful game plan, Bill Parcells and Mike Zimmer couldn't match it. Drew Brees was a stud, the Cowboys were a dud.

One can only hope that this was an aberration instead of a portent of things to come.

Feel free to complain and cry below, but keep your wits about you, this was one loss; the world didn't come to an end. Also, keep it civil, a loss like this is no excuse to become a troll on the blog.