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Parcells press conference 12/13/06

Oliver Hoyte is on the injury report, it's a swollen knee swollen, he did some things in practice today. He's listed as questionable.

How does Tony Parrish look? I'm trying to get him some reps, I don't know yet. I don't think he will start. It's the first day he's taken plays on defense; I've got to look at the film. He's a pretty experienced player; Mike Nolan was with us at the Jets so the scheme is not totally different. He's doing OK, it's hard to tell in practice.

We're a little worried about depth and inexperience [at safety], he's played in games, and you never know how many games you got left. I hope in a couple of weeks he's up to speed and ready to help us.

Has your team bounced back well this year? They've bounced back pretty good over the year. It's a short week; you have to get your mind on Atlanta. Everybody's team is going through this; some teams are trying to bounce back from 3 or 4 losses.

We had focus in practice last week, we just made bad plays. Players are paying attention I think.

How have you done replacing Greg Ellis? When you lose one of your best pressure players you don't just roll someone out and replace him. I think Singleton and Carpenter have done a pretty good job.

What about moving Ayodele out there? We did move Akin outside part of one game early in the season, I gave him some reps outside last week in practice.  But he would be more on the other side with Ware. I might give him more reps there, but as a backup.

Getting pressure vs. containing Vick? You have to mix it up, the  pressure. You can't give Vick space; you need to keep him confined, you have to be disciplined.

Did you tell your players that? No, I said just run wild and let him go, (laughter). You got to keep him from escaping, both inside and outside, we're drilling in practice on it, but under the heat of the game sometimes he gets away, he's rushed for 900 yards.

Who are the leaders on defense, and what should they be telling the team? Bradie James, Aaron Glenn, Jason Ferguson, some of the older guys are the leaders on defense. It's a three game season, now. All you got to do is win out, it's all there for you.

More Vick: Vick creates problems because of the uncertainty of him catching you with your back turned. If you play zone and you got guys underneath, you can hem him in. In man-to-man, with your backs turned running with receivers, you have to be careful.

Tampa has done a good job of containing him? Tampa commits people to that fact, we've seen what they did and evaluated it. I looked at almost all the Falcons games, the Giants and Cleveland did good jobs on him, but every once in a while he'll get loose; you just need to keep it from being the plays that beat you.

Has T.O. dropped more balls than you expected? I can't say that, but on certain routes he has more trouble than others, hopefully it gets better. All receivers drop balls, it gets by their field of vision or they have improper hand placements. They don't close the space between their hands, when the ball is over their head and they have to reach for it, it's not a natural motion. Tall guys have problems with the low ball. It's usually the same culprits, letting the ball out of your vision; it's hard if you cradle the ball and your head is looking elsewhere, the hand placement is incorrect. Those are the more common things.

How important is it for a QB to have a thick skin? About the same degree as for the coach. That's pretty important. I know with some QB's I've had I had to talk to them, say you can't pay attention to that stuff, people don't know what's going on, trying to keep them focused. The peripheral things are unimportant. Sometimes young players have trouble dismissing them, especially the first few times it happens, it stings. But when you get used to it, it doesn't sting as bad.

You don't have luxury of worrying about things gone past; you just go forwards and do your best.

Alge Crumpler? He is a big, fast guy, athletic, really the modern day prototype TE, not like Tony Goanzalez, he's more of a pass receiving TE. Crumpler would fit any offense, he's not restricted, and that's a big compliment. I know one when I see one, he is one. He's in motion, he splits out, he plays on short-yardage, on the goal line. He functions in every aspect of their offense. He's their number one receiver.

Falcons running game? These guys are the #1 running team, they have 2 backs who have done well, then throw Vick in, that's why they are up there. I think he supplements a good running game, but it's good even if he just handed it off.
They have a unique philosophy in their run game, they don't have many plays, they pretty much run the same thing. They have diversified a little more this year than over the past few years.

What made you think Parrish would be a good fit?  One advantage was Todd Haley was with him in Chicago and he gave us positive feedback. I also checked with someone in San Fran who I'm close with, after they waived him, and he was very positive as well.

Did the receivers give Romo much help against the Saints? I thought Terry Glenn was magnificent, his best performance of the year. I don't think you can heap it all on Romo, our defense made us one dimensional in the second half. It's not fair. We never could run a balanced attack. We need to avoid that; games can get away from you. You close it back down to 11 points, and then they get another one score in four or five plays.

That's an easier game [the Saints] to dismiss; I don't think it's a reflection on what this team is. I told them it's a three game season. It's not a true reflection of us. We're leading the division. It won't take long to find out.

All games in the last month are important. If we win these games we know what will happen. Only N.O. and Chicago can say that.

Philly can say it, if they win out they win the division? (Sarcastically) That's good. (laughter)

Are players able to keep their weight up this year? There's a couple of LB's that can't keep their weight on. But I haven't had an overweight player in 13 to 14 weeks, not one player, not one pound. I have a couple who have trouble keeping on weight. They need time in between and they don't get it. Their body gravitates to what it is.

John Abraham? Great speed, I thought of him as a two way player, that's what we were going to do with him. Make him an outside guy, then on the line in the nickel. His only problem is durability, when he's out there he's done well.

How does Flozell do against speed guys? Flo's been doing pretty well as of late, but this guy has more speed than other players.

More Vick: Vick is smaller than Cunningham, but the same elusiveness and is a little faster. Randall, when he got rolling, he's like Vince Young, gains a lot of yards fast. People saw the big tall body, but when he was young he could get out of things. We had to use Taylor to spy on him; nobody else could keep up with him.

Is Vick comparable to Reggie Bush? It's difficult to compare different positions, but their both elusive, dynamic guys. But it's a different set of problems; one has his hands on the ball every play, the other doesn't.

Vick has progressed alright as a passer. He looks a lot better now, his understanding of the game is better.

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