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It's Wednesday, time for another T.O. article

I've reached an odd place in terms of how I feel about Terrell Owens. It's sort of a Zen-like peace, with the specter of doom lurking in the shadows. Whenever I read an article or see an interview about Owens, I give it a 90% chance that he'll say something that serves no real putpose - except to T.O. - and a 100% chance that the Cowboys will ignore it. So in that equation I find solace. I just don't care what he says anymore, I just care about his numbers on the field. Now, I'm sure one day he'll say something, and the Cowboys won't be able to ignore it, but it's probably not happening this year. More likely it will happen somewhere between one second after the season is over, all the way up until an undetermined date, that's his target range.

So when I read about what Owens said today, I thought...this isn't even news. It's a broken recording. Owens is a 24-hour truth serum. He says whatever he thinks, and what he thinks is alien to a lot of us. But in his mind he's a deliverer of truth, or at least his version of it. But the fallout from his truth can either be a raging inferno or a Bic lighter. If you feed the fire with fuel, then it can get out of control. The Cowboys suck all the oxygen out of the equation by not responding. If you want to waste a question at a Bill Parcells press conference ask him about Owens. Then witness a vacuum, there's no fuel to be found.

So it goes, and here's Owens' latest.

Describing his tumultuous early season, which also included a hamstring injury in training camp and a broken hand that led to an "accidental overdose" on painkillers, Owens said: "I just felt like I was out there, just out there. I didn't feel like I was a part of the team."

"One of the coaches came to me after one game and I just told him I felt alone in this locker room. That's how I felt at that time. It was weighing a lot on my mind during the course of the game. My mind really wasn't clear to play football."

It's probably the truth, but so what. We don't really care anymore how fragile his psych is, we already know.

But now he's better

"I'm tons better," he said.


"Winning cures a lot of things," Owens said.

Doesn't it ever. So as long as we win, he'll be happy. Guess what? So will the rest of us. We're really not so different after all.

But with Owens, there's always something, and it usually has to do with trust issues. Like someone telling on him to the media.

"Yeah, that's my main part of frustration," he said. "It's like, you want to be part of this team and feel part of it, but it's hard to do that when you feel like there are guys you feel like you don't trust. It's just not happening."

But Owens isn't going to rock the boat by naming the unnamed culprit in the Cowboys organization...yet.

"It wouldn't be nothing but a big distraction," he said. "I just let it be. ... At this point, it's not something to really address. Like I said, I kind of have my hunches. But it's nothing that I'm really dwelling on right now. Just letting it go, trying to play football. That's it."

Guess we don't have to worry about it as long as we're winning. Or as long as Owens doesn't sleep through another meeting or something. Then, all bets are off.

Here's the funny part, remember back when Owens got here and one of the initial controversies was when Parcells said he wouldn't catch 100 passes in the Cowboys system. Everybody thought that was going to be the spark, surely Owens was going to respond to that, but he really didn't say much. Maybe it's because he's a 24-hour truth serum, so he figured that it might not be true.

Owens leads the Cowboys with 72 catches for 971 yards and nine touchdowns. With three games left, he's easily within reach of a seventh 1,000-yard season, could approach his career best of 100 receptions and is one TD shy of most in the NFL.

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