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Spying on Vick

In yesterday's press conference there was a lot of talk about Mike Vick and how he presents some of the same problems for a defense that Randall Cunningham did in his youth. That led to Parcells saying that with the Giants they used LT as the spy for Cunningham because he was the only player with the speed and athleticisim to keep up with him. In the current Dallas defensive scheme, DeMarcus Ware plays the LT role, so the odds are he will be spying on Vick in Saturday's game.

It was the centerpiece of his defensive game plan whenever his New York Giants faced Philadelphia's Randall Cunningham in the 1980s and early '90s.

"We used to have Lawrence Taylor chasin' him," Parcells said. "We didn't have anybody else who could do it, so that's what we used to have to do."

The Cleveland Browns don't have a defender that compares to the great Taylor, but that didn't stop defensive coordinator Todd Grantham from using weakside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley as a spy on Vick in the Browns' 17-13 upset of the Falcons last month in Atlanta.

Wimbley paid close attention to Vick on third down, forcing him to stay in the pocket.

When asked if they would be spying on Vick in this game, Parcells gave his typical answer to a question that concerns actual game day strategy; the reporter will just have to come to the game. Kamerion Wimbley is the "LT" of the Browns defense and Romeo Crennel comes from the Parcells coaching tree. All of that sounds like Ware will be responsible for spying on Mike Vick.

We've been discussing the lack of success by our safeties in pass coverage, especially Roy Williams and Keith Davis. In an article by Nick Eatman, he covers the same ground, but had this little interesting nugget tucked away at the end.

However, those concepts aren't exactly set in stone, considering the Cowboys' struggles at the position here this season.

The Cowboys might also try a few other change-ups at safety, possibly with some converted cornerbacks. Nate Jones, who had been inactive all season until Sunday's game with the Saints, lined up at safety in the nickel and could be used again in certain packages. And even cornerback Anthony Henry has some experience at safety, both in college and earlier in his career with the Browns.

"Yeah, I've played a little at the end of games when we played prevent," Henry said of playing safety. "So I've done it before. It wouldn't be a big deal if that's what they wanted me to do."

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