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Parcells press conference 12/14/06

Thoughts about Lamar Hunt? He was a tremendous resource for the league. I was honored to have known him personally, he typified the old guard of the ownership, and he was committed to the game. He was highly respected by everyone in the league. I was saddened by the news, it seems with Wellington, Hess, and now Lamar, some of the patriarchs are gone. It is a sad day. I can remember I went to a training camp in 1966 at a college in Missouri, that's where the Chiefs were training, Stram was the coach. That was my first real insight into pro football, talking to the coaches, learning - I can recall it like yesterday, I can remember al the assistants' names and of course Coach Stram. Lamar was around, I can remember it like it was yesterday, I could go on and on, but everyone feels the same way about him, he did so much for this league.

Was it mental mistakes or guys not in position to make plays last week on defense? We had mental mistakes and guys not in position. You don't go into a game thinking your plan is so complex that you'll make mistakes, but something happened in that game. But we got a different set of problems this week.

Hoyte? I'm not sure if Hoyte can go, we'll have to see tomorrow morning. We have a contingency plan in place if he doesn't go.

What problems do you face this week that's different? An elusive QB, even when you do well on defense he can manufacture yards. No one has been to successful in slowing him down in the running game except Tampa last week, they made a strong commitment to it last week. I've seen a lot of approaches on film to slowing him down and we just have to decide how we're going to do it.

Will Parrish make the trip? I'm not sure on Parrish.

What about using Nate Jones at safety like last week? Nate Jones was used because he's sharp mentally, we wanted to have that on our nickel package. He's probably going to play again this week. He can be in both positions [CB, safety] on the nickel. He wasn't directly involved in any of the real problematic plays last week.

What do you want to do differently on offense this week? Run more plays would be one thing, we never got on track with what we planned to do. We need to use more of our weapons on offense. But I'm expecting a tough game, they have something to play for, we'll see.

Has Bilbo been impersonating Vick in practice? Yes.

Did you bring him back for that reason? No, I told Bilbo I was planning on bringing him back, I told him that long ago. I have a little thought for him that might be a possibility; we'll take a look at it the rest of this year. I might look at him as a safety.

Was that him wearing #19 in the white jersey working some on defense? I believe so, he was working some on defense. He's a big, fast guy, he weighs 215, a smart kid with good ability, I might try him. I wouldn't expect him to play this year at the position.

Did you simplify things for Romo this week?  Hopefully its simpler for him, but that didn't have much to do with what happened last week. You can't look at him like he's been in there 3 or 4 years. I'm just trying to be more prudent in his flexibility of options. I'm just trying to keep my coaches from going wild.

Almost everything that's been reported about him has been distorted. He's gaining experience, what I told you the situation was going to be is the situation. I'm confident he can play well, but it won't be error-free, without mistakes. Any QB would've been at a disadvantage last week. I'm confident he can do what he was doing earlier in the season.

Why did you practice outside today for the first time in a while? The sun was out, it was a nice day. One of my players asked me yesterday how nice does it have to be before we go out, so I thought today would be a good day.

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