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Grizz going to the game

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So I finally got my ticket situation straightened out and I will be going to the game tomorrow night. I get to see Tony Romo live, and the Tuna giving players the business on the sidelines, and all the other stuff you get from a live experience. I'll also be roaming the parking lot beforehand, talking to Cowboys fans. I'll write up the whole thing on Sunday and I'll try to put up some good pics. If anybody who reads the blog is going to the game, let me know where you'll be.

Some other news of the day.

Skyler Green is now a member of the Ohio Corrections Facility otherwise known as the Cincinnati Bengals.

In other news, ex-Cowboy Quincy Carter really is a member of a correctional facility.

Jim Mora made some comments today that were...shall we say...stupid.

Warrick Dunn returned to practice and thinks he can play on Saturday.