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Cowboys vs. Falcons on NFL Replay (NFL Network) tonight

Just a reminder, the NFL Network is replaying the Dallas and Atlanta game as part of their NFL Replay program. It will be on at 8:00 PM EST tonight.

Staying with the NFL Network, here's the Adam Schefter article about Bill Parcells' possible return next year.

Parcells has begun telling people close to him that he plans to return for another season, according to multiple NFL sources.
What has made -- and will continue to make -- his decision easier is the resurgence of his team and the play of quarterback Tony Romo.

Before Romo took over, Parcells looked defeated, lifeless, resigned. Now he seems re-energized, full of the energy he will need to continue coaching in a profession that his old general manager George Young once said is not for well-adjusted people.

Nothing is official, and Parcells is moody enough to change his mind a few times before any decision is made. Perhaps the Cowboys could even wind up winning the Super Bowl, which might influence Parcells' decision even more. By that point, Parcells would have become the first coach in NFL history to lead three different teams to the Super Bowl.

But that is talk for another day. For now, the strong indications are that Parcells will be back.

In Philadelphia, they'd like to remind you that Jeff Garcia might be deserving of some Romo-mania type attention.

In Philadelphia, the Eagles have resurrected their season without any mania sweeping the nation even though the veteran quarterback leading them has been every bit as good as the undrafted kid in Dallas who is 10 years younger.

Jeff Garcia, in fact, has been better in his first four starts since replacing Donovan McNabb than Romo was in his first four starts as Bledsoe's replacement.

The two quarterbacks, of course, will meet Christmas night at Texas Stadium when the Eagles visit the Cowboys with the NFC East title on the line. The Cowboys can win the division with a victory, and the Eagles can take over the division lead with a win.

Romo, 26, has been sensational for Dallas. His mobility has made the Cowboys' offensive line look better. His accuracy has been remarkable for a man who did not throw a pass his first three seasons in the NFL. His charisma has made Terrell Owens a secondary story in Dallas. You can ask Garcia and McNabb about how difficult that is to do.

"They are different," Eagles coach Andy Reid said of the Cowboys yesterday at his news conference after Sunday's 36-22 victory over the New York Giants. "That's probably stating the obvious, but they are a different team."

Romo has "a little bit more mobility than Drew... and he is playing very well right now. It's a different offense, let's put it that way."

Here's a quick injury update for the Cowboys.

Cowboys kick returner Miles Austin suffered a broken left hand on the opening kick return against Atlanta. He played the entire game and averaged 22 yards on four returns, including a 37-yarder that set up a field goal in the second half.

Austin isn't expected to miss this week's game against Philadelphia.

Also, special teams player Jacques Reeves suffered a dislocated elbow on the Cowboys' first kickoff. Swelling has limited Reeves' range of motion and could force him out of action.

"I don't plan on missing," Reeves said.

Clarence Hill on the spitting incident.

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Hat tip to TEK2000 who created this and does a lot of great video stuff on the Cowboys.

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