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Cowboys roster move plus other notes

The Cowboys made a roster move and brought back and old friend, Keylon Kincade.

The players don't return to practice until Wednesday, but the Cowboys made a minor roster move Tuesday by signing running back Keylon Kincade back to the practice squad.

Kincade fills the final practice squad spot opened last Thursday when the Cowboys signed tight end Andy Thorn to the active roster and released rookie Skyler Green.

Just for the record, Terrell Owens is appealing his fine.
One day after the NFL handed Terrell Owens a $35,000 fine for spitting at Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall, the Cowboys' star receiver has reportedly filed an appeal.

Scouts, Inc. list Tony Romo as the number four overall QB in the league, behind Manning, Palmer and Brady.

So, who's the best QB in the NFL right now? Who's the worst? And who's in between? Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton ranks the quarterbacks 1-32.


#4 (last week #6) Tony Romo - Rebounded from Week 14's loss to the Saints with a big road win at Atlanta. His mobility within the pocket bought him extra time to find his receivers and make some excellent throws, including two beautiful TD passes to Terrell Owens.

They've got him one spot ahead of Brees, which is kind of crazy.

John Clayton let's us know that it was the players and coaches, and not the fans, who kept Terrell Owens out of the Pro Bowl.

Terrell Owens was third among receivers with 389,279 votes, but Donald Driver (Packers) and Anquan Boldin (Cardinals), who weren't even in the top five in fan voting, got enough support from players and coaches to earn a trip to Hawaii.

In Clayton's "snubbed" list, he makes no mention of Terence Newman, either. It's incredible that people can't see what kind of corner Newman is, he doesn't have the stats but that's because teams generally don't throw his way. So it takes a real Dallas homer to handle Newman's case, and Mickey Spags is the man for the job.

Here's what I want to know. I want to know how wide receivers in the NFC voted. Make 'em fess up. They are now making the college football writers fess up on how they vote in the polls. They are making the college football coaches fess up on how they vote in their final poll.

Come on receivers, let's see it. Obviously, coaches must know a thing or two about Newman. They are the ones who game plan, right? And if they think he's just another corner, why aren't they torching him with pass attempts? Why aren't they throwing to his side of the field?

And it's not just about blanketing his side, either. Newman is so versatile the Cowboys move him into the slot when they go to their nickel defense. That's one of the toughest positions to play in the NFL.

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