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Dallas defense looking to get back to old ways

The defense is looking for some consistency after getting torched for 9 TD passes over the last two games. A nice place to stat would be covering the fullback.

Head coach Bill Parcells and the players believe any recent breakdowns have resulted mostly from mental errors. One example is the five combined touchdowns (four receiving) by Saints fullback Mike Karney and Falcons fullback Justin Griffith. Parcells said two different Cowboys defenders allowed them to leak wide open into the flat.

"We've just got to get back to the basics - not turning guys loose," James said. "All those things that have happened to us, that minor thing with the fullback leaking out - I know a lot of people have been talking about that - that's easily corrected."

If it's easily corrected Bradie, why didn't you guys correct it in the middle of the Saints game? Or at least by the Falcons game?

You got to be kidding; our starting right tackle is also a metal guitar player with his own heavy metal band.

The bio goes on to say he's attended 16 Metallica concerts, the first when he was 13. That he loves Megadeth, Pantera and Slayer.

No mention on that he's the starting right offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Mercs are Colombo's heavy-metal band. And headbanging is a passion.

You have to go check out his website where you can see him onstage playing guitar. He definitely looks the part. Oh yeah, he's having a pretty good year for the Cowboys.

Last time we played the Eagles, it was all about T.O. returning to Philly. This time, it's all about the NFC East.

"The last time it was all about T.O.," Cowboys cornerback Aaron Glenn said. "This time it's about the division. It's a lot bigger than T.O. It's us trying to win the division. It's a big one. This is why you play the game, for situations like this."

The focus has shifted from Owens facing his former team into a key divisional matchup that will add another chapter to the rivalry. The Cowboys dealt with the circus atmosphere Oct. 8, when Owens returned to Philadelphia, and lost 38-24. Those distractions are gone.

"It was crazy the last time," linebacker Bradie James said. "I was so happy that the game was over so we could play another game, because it was so many story lines that didn't have anything to do with the game.

"Now the biggest thing is playing for our division."

JJT spent some time catching up with Greg Ellis. Ellis wants to come back next year and is missing the game and his teammates. Just like the team is missing him.

Ellis is the Cowboys' best pass-rusher. Without him, abject is the nicest way to describe the Cowboys' ability to pressure opposing quarterbacks. Teams often double-teamed Ellis, giving DeMarcus Ware the luxury of one-on-one matchups. Without Ellis, Ware is consistently double-teamed because Al Singleton, Kevin Burnett and Bobby Carpenter can't reproduce Ellis' pass-rushing ability.

It's no coincidence the Cowboys have allowed nearly 100 more yards per game and a 50 percent conversion rate on third down since Ellis has been injured.

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