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Parcells press conference 12/22/06

I missed the opening question, Parcells in starts in mid-answer. I'm trying to get them to pay attention to detail, that allows you to maintain your aggressiveness, by studying and repetitions, it makes you play fast. You can't be to busy thinking about everything and being a robot, it's not a game of perfect. Sometimes you have to something even if it's wrong. You have to go all out. But hopefully you can combine aggressiveness and intelligence.

Tony Parrish? I talked to Tony today, when a player is new he doesn't understand you, you have no background with him. I explained to him that the inability to get him dressed centers around the problems we had at FB, TE and corners, not him. I was worried about those other positions; we dressed five corners for the first time this year. It has nothing to do with Parrish not being in the system yet. The problem is the game each week, I don't know if it will be any different this week. But I'm explaining it to him that maybe it won't be this week, maybe it will be next week, but hang in there with us.

Does he work on special teams? Special teams wouldn't be his strong suit, he would do it if we asked him. But then Elam may not be doing it that week.

Considering adding a RB or QB for the playoffs?  I've been thinking about a RB and a QB. We worked out some runners today. I think nothing will happen with outside people this weekend. On Tuesday we might do something, it depends on the game. We're down to a minimum in those sports.

Who'd you work out? Damien Anderson from Northwestern and Quentin Griffin from Oklahoma. Don't go call their agents were not signing them right now. I also may have a sleeper for you.

How did Griffin look? We worked him out. (laughter)

Jason Hatcher? It's not a good day to talk about him. No, he's doing good.

Why shouldn't we talk about him today?  Never mind. He got himself on a list yesterday. He's doing better; he played pretty well the past couple of weeks. I think he's got a good chance to be good. He could play in either defense, 3-4 or 4-3, one of the few guys like that. They're hard to find.

Draft class is now contributing: The way the draft is, you gotta get down the road in these drafts. You need to understand players have different body clocks, just because a player is slower coming along doesn't mean he'll be any less of a player. The expectations of these kids, with all the publicity, everybody thinks they know who was supposed to be something, its unfair pressure. Most of the time, 2 or 3 days after they get here, my weight coach can tell me what we need to do; this guy has no clue or this guy is well down the road. We can do that in 3 or 4 days. There is so much to do with every young player. Fasano had a struggle this year and he had every advantage coming in, he used the same system and same terminology in college. Chris Canty had that too. But that doesn't mean they necessarily can adjust to pro football right away, it just helps them with the mental part.

Is there more pressure for them to play right way because of the salary cap? It's because of the transient nature of the game now, because of free agency more than the salary cap. But because that's the case, it doesn't mean they'll come along any faster. I try to be astute in this regard, I try to see down the road and tell that player a little about where the road is. The quicker they can get there; first they get some comfort, you know they think at least he's thinking about me instead of me just standing over. I can't tell you next year when the draft class comes in who will play, I can't tell you.
You draft them all with the intent on playing them. It's not an exact science, there are errors in the process, and you just try to cut down on the margin of error, if you can get half right, you're doing great. It's not easy.

What about Skyler Green? He was doing fine, I was upset we lost him. You have to do things from time-to-time that you don't want to, he'd been through waivers twice, and we thought we could get him back. At the end of year teams try to stock up. We're not stocking up; we're trying to get guys in place for next week. I was sorry we lost him, I really was. I thought he might be like a Warrick Dunn one day, that's what I was working on. Maybe they see him as a returner, I don't know. You get an athlete and you try to do something with him. Look at Hoyte, we got him as a LB and now he's a FB.

More on the draft class: Sometimes they're not ready to do anything. I'm charged with winning games, this is not a developmental deal. So you work him in camp and play him some in preseason, and then get him into some regular season games. That's what's happened with Bobby, he's starting to do better. All of those kids, Hatcher, Watkins Fasano, they have the potential to be solid players. McQuistan.

Would you consider starting Carpenter this week? I wouldn't feel bad about it, but I don't know if that's what I'll do. Carpenter's doing something else now too, so we have to divide the labor. Starting means nothing to me, only to you guys.

Crayton? Crayton is doing well, he's got stamina, makes clutch plays, he blocks, but you got to keep your foot on his throat.

Could he be more than just a #3 receiver? I don't know that, but he's a 30-play player in a game, that's over 500 plays in a season. He can catch punts, do some other things, he's increasing his value. I like Patrick, he's matured a lot, but he would eat the cheese pretty quickly when he first got here.

How long can he be content in his current role? Ask Troy Brown, he's in year 13, he started out just like Patrick. He was our 5th guy at receiver in his first year, he never played, I cut him in his second year, and then brought him back. Now he plays offense, defense. I'm proud of that kid; he was an 8th round draft pick.

Is Anthony Henry a little nicked up? Henry's had a little swelling in his knee, the bursa, but it's nothing structural. I'm concerned about it a little, but he's looked good in practice this week.

Is he stuggling a little because they don't throw to Newman? They got the split end over there on his side a lot, and that's usually their best receiver.

Do you think he's struggling? He's struggled some but he's doing a decent job.

Julius Jones? Julius is ready to go. He's feeling good, got plenty of gas. I'm glad I've done what I've done with him. I expect him to do alright, he's got to, he's got to.

Parcells now asks his own question of a reporter. These guys were all born on Christmas Day. One was born in1927 and was the most valuable player in World Series. Another was born in 1945 and was the QB of a Super Bowl champion. Another born in1946 and was a participant in one of the most bizarre plays in NY Giants history. The last was born in 1958, I believe, and was a premier stolen base leader. All were born on Christmas Day. I expect your answers to be delivered in the morning. Email them to Rich.

What does he get if he answers them? This is a role reversal, I have to answer your questions everyday. So in the spirit of holidays, I ask a question. We'll see what he's got. Don't help him.

Are you more comfortable with this team than the last playoff team because these guys are your guys, not players you inherited?  There's still some guys around from that last team. I don't look at it like that, they're not my players, they're Dallas Cowboys. But I do like my players, they're pretty good listeners. It's a different day and time for these young players; this is the buildup to important stuff, to getting good position, creating a distinct advantage for yourself.

Sometimes the situation doesn't let you do the things you want to fast enough; this is an instant gratification business. But an organization with a decent philosophy, with the team working together in concert; the coaches, the general manager, the owner, the scouts etc can succeed. No stone is unturned in finding talent. I feel more comfortable in that I know each individual player better than the first year.

Parcells then wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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